Monday, April 28, 2008

Proverbial RollerCoaster

The kids and I went into Nashville this weekend to see some family. Saturday was uneventful but Sunday was a whole different story. We visited my brother and sister-in-law and their new baby. As everyone knows, when you visit a person's house that has just had a are not supposed to cause even more chaos and problems. Well, apparently yesterday was opposite day because my 20 month old decided to take his diaper off and test every part of his excretory system. He was very thoughtful and did most of his business out on the deck.
First, he went as close to the door leading to the outside and tested his 'new bladder system'. (only Seinfeld junkies will understand that reference). Guess what, worked like a charm!
About 10 minutes later I was holding the cute, little baby and I looked at my brother and said I should probably go get a diaper before my toddler poops everywhere. It was at this point my eldest (Michael) screamed..."Oh, Gross....Mom, Marshall took a crap!"
I went out to the deck and saw that Marshall had also decided to test the last stage of his digestive tract. Yep, worked like a charm, too! So now I need wipes and I also need to put him in the tub. Now, my usual not scared of anything child is petrified of the shower sprayer. You would have thought I was beating him with it instead of rinsing off poo.
Even though my new parents did not say so...I bet when we left they said, "Whew, now we can have some peace and quiet." Can't say I blame them.

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