Monday, September 27, 2010

Triathlon Mark UP

Well, my first triathlon was this weekend and I think I am officially addicted. I am still trying to figure out why they put your number on every limb except your right leg and they put your age on that limb. there a chance I may be dismembered on this course? If so, no one said a damn word! This is the only thing I can reasonably deduct from the multi limb markings!!
Anywho, I did finish and not in last. I was fourth in my age group so there you have it. I did get passed during the cycling by a 75 year old man. That is a real kick in the head..I wanted to catch up with him and kick his bike but I figured this would be bad sportsmanship therefore I refrained. Well, the first one is down and not really so bad....I am seriously going to kick ass on the next one. We half ass trained for the last one. I am curious to see what would happen with a 3/4 ass attempt!
P.S. Crystal, just do your first one (triathlon that is) and get it over with. It will drive you to train for the next one. Trust me, you will kick yourself if you dont.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hitch In The Giddy Up

Well, there was not a Friday Fill In from my usual source, fill ins! So here I am exposed, naked and with no real direction. So here I go with my haphazard and impromptu update.....

Mom's second surgery (breast tissue biopsy) was performed last Thursday and the results were good and not good.
Positive part: 1. non-invasive cancer 2. lymph nodes are clean.
Negative part: Cancer is 'peppered' within her right breast therefore the biopsy margins were not clean...again.
Conclusion: She will undergo a bilateral (both) simple mastectomy next month sometime in order to remove all the affected tissue. They will be able to perform the removal and the reconstruction during the same surgery. This is good!! In other words, if one was to have breast cancer...this is the one to have. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to minimize this...simply trying to stay as positive as possible.

My Friday Fill Ins are going to be totally lame and may only contain one thing!!!!

1. As for tonight (Friday) we are going to Fall Fest to eat, play and listen to some good local music, tomorrow includes soccer, soccer and cleaning out some items we no longer use, and Sunday...continued triathlon (triathalon) training and general chilling out.

2. Why do we continue to ask the question 'why' instead of the question ' why not!'

3. With some gumption and fortitude anything (including this) is possible.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Small Catch Up and Happy Labor Day

I have been a little distracted over the past three weeks or so due to my Mom's recent diagnosis with breast cancer. It started as a small symmetrical circle which the doctor assured her is was nothing (there is usually nothing symmetrical about cancer) and let her decide if she wanted it removed or not. At first she decided to let it be...that is until she spoke to me. The conversation was just short of me twisting her arm behind her back and making her have it removed. She finally relented to my plea and had it removed.
The doctor came into her room after surgery, mouth agape, and told her it was cancer. We were all shocked (including the doc). That was 3 weeks ago. This past Thursday, they went back in to biopsy some lymph nodes at take out some additional tissue in her breast. He felt that will be the end of it all and her lymphatic system is most likely clean....THANK GOODNESS! So here we are waiting for the final say of cancer free. I really wish they could figure that out within hours of removal! She will still receive 5 weeks of radiation as a precaution then this will hopefully all be behind us. Please keep mom in your thoughts and/or prayers. She is handling this 100 times better than I would if the role was reversed.

1. Family time is important but one should not discount having quiet me time either.

2. I have thoughts that keep going back and forth without resolution.

3. I love a cool fall night in front of the fire outside and wrapped in a blanket.

4. Anything Italian makes a good meal.

5. I've got the best career I could ever hope for.

6. I guess timing it truly everything: wth!!!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to dinner with my youngest while my oldest heads to the high school football game, tomorrow my plans include cross country for Michael and hanging out with mom, and Sunday, I want to get the boat on Dale Hollow Lake and tube with the kids for a while.