Monday, September 27, 2010

Triathlon Mark UP

Well, my first triathlon was this weekend and I think I am officially addicted. I am still trying to figure out why they put your number on every limb except your right leg and they put your age on that limb. there a chance I may be dismembered on this course? If so, no one said a damn word! This is the only thing I can reasonably deduct from the multi limb markings!!
Anywho, I did finish and not in last. I was fourth in my age group so there you have it. I did get passed during the cycling by a 75 year old man. That is a real kick in the head..I wanted to catch up with him and kick his bike but I figured this would be bad sportsmanship therefore I refrained. Well, the first one is down and not really so bad....I am seriously going to kick ass on the next one. We half ass trained for the last one. I am curious to see what would happen with a 3/4 ass attempt!
P.S. Crystal, just do your first one (triathlon that is) and get it over with. It will drive you to train for the next one. Trust me, you will kick yourself if you dont.


Crystal said...

HAHAHAH!! You had me rolling with your 3/4 ass attempt! HA!

Congrats on your first triathlon! I'm SO proud of ya! That's awesome!

Okay, you have encouraged me. I'm still 20 lbs overweight from my beautiful baby boy - so my next few months are going to be spent getting back to 'normal' - maybe I'd be ready for a March/April triathlon. I said I wanted to do it for my 30th year - and I don't turn 31 til April 22nd - so there you have it!

I also don't want to be dismembered.

Crystal said...

Also...did you do a "full" triathlon, or what they call a "mini"? I think I would have to start with a mini.

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