Friday, December 31, 2010

I Should Have Known (A Poem)

I should have known my future as I settled in for the night;
the kids getting ready for bed without putting up a fight.

I should have known what was to happen since I was ready to relax;
this quiet that had surrounded me was surely going to pass.

I should have know when that first little hand roused me out of my slumber;
it was all going to start at midnight and do me in quite a number.

At the stroke of midnight, Michael approached with tears welled up in his eyes;
telling me he somehow had peed all over his toilet, walls and thighs.

Please quit crying, change your clothes and let mom go back to bed;
I will set my alarm for early in the morning in order to clean the head.

A short time later at the strike of two my youngest took his turn;
cryingly standing at the foot of the bed stating his cheek had started to burn.

I tried to bribe him with a soft place to sleep and rest beside dear old me;
he continued to cry, holding his cheek and went to the bathroom to pee.

The crying went on until well past four as his cheek he continued to hold;
as I contemplated how me getting sleep at this point would surely be considered gold.

Up at six the alarm clock blared as the night turned into day;
surely you jest, I just got comfortable and am ready to hit the hay.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Friday Fill In Of My Own (Kind Of)

I get greatly discouraged when the Friday Fill In person doesn't have her weekly post up. Unfortunately, I am not quite creative enough to do one on my own.
This week started out fairly uneventful but turned into a stomach virus/food poisoning tirade involving yours truly. I felt like death on a stick yesterday which included all the usual fun and exciting things associated with the previously mentioned affliction. (I will spare you the details, your welcome). Yesterday was officially the second day I have called in sick at a job since I started working on July 9, 1997. I think my record is pretty good....
Anywho, the boys are beside themselves with Christmas day less than 24 hours away. Now, culminate that with the possibility of over 3 inches of get the picture. If it does snow tonight and we get more than a dusting, this will be the 10th measurable snowfall on Christmas day since weather record keeping began in Nashville in 1884. Pretty cool, huh. At least anyone who reads my blog today will leave with new knowledge.
We probably won't be going to my dad's in Franklin tomorrow due to the impending weather. I like visiting my dad but it is very difficult to pull the kids away from their stuff to drive an hour and a half! This will offer me an appropriate excuse, I suppose.
Tonight will involve our usual tradition of pigging out on finger foods and watching one of the best Christmas movies ever made....drum roll please....Christmas Vacation, of course.
I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday.
Merry Christmas

Friday, December 17, 2010

Only Eight More Days

Well, we survived the seven inches of snow we had the pleasure of receiving Sunday night. The kids played in it all day but had to come in several times to warm up seeing as the temperature was 15 degrees....brrrrr! This is the only time of the year when I am not too happy about my job. Doing home health means going to peoples homes in the snow and cold. I ended up moving most of my people and seeing as therapy is not a life or death matter, they all understood the postponement. The rest of the week was just odd. I know that sounds like a strange descriptor but even my 10 year old agreed. With school being out for snow, the kids staying up later than usual even though Marshall still went to preschool (late because I couldn't get him awake!), having to change several things around at work, Mom staying with us in the middle of the week (this really messed me up because my brain kept telling me it was Friday, that is the day she usually stays the night), and just generally feeling off. That is the perfect description of how I have felt this week, OFF!
Only 8 more days until Christmas and I have finally finished my shopping. Well, I do have a few small gifts to buy for my assistants but other than that....done. For this I am thankful.
Everyone have a safe and fabulous weekend.

1. What in the world was I thinking getting Marshall a skateboard for Christmas.

2. Whenever I go to Franklin to see my family I always leave well fed. (probably a couple of pounds heavier, too)


4. I have got to get my Christmas cards sent out, such a slacker.

5. I keep hoping that miraculously, things will turn out the way they are supposed to.

6. Believe it or not George isn't at home, please leave a message at the beep.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I am looking forward to eating at Blue Coast Burrito and taking the family to the movies, tomorrow my plans include heading to Franklin and celebrating Christmas with my mom's side of the family, and Sunday, I want to enjoy the fabulous present my mom gets me every year....taking the kids for a few days so I can actual orate an entire sentence without interruption. Just when I thought it would never happen in my own home ever again!! Kid free 4 days and 3 nights...heaven.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Like Torturing Myself

As the alignment of planets would have it, the night I was to host bunko was the day before my company Christmas party. Guess what, both were going to be hosted at my house. Ahhhhh, the strange comfort of self-induced stress. The seductive siren song only to fall upon the ears of a party maven. I just couldn't resist their sweet melody! Alright, I am being a doofus...but...I have survived bunko night yesterday, had a fabulous time and scored a sweet gift. Tonight, the company party. It will be fun and I will survive and a bottle of wine will be imbibed! This is only for medicinal purposes, of course.
On a different note, mom is doing great. The doctor was able to place more fluid into her expanders and without any additional issues foreseen, her final implant surgery should be the second week of January and all of this will be behind her. She is already walking an hour a day and/or getting on the elliptical for 45 minutes and the doctor just cleared her to lift weights. Lord help us all. I don't think she has a back down button!
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Christmas is in 15 days.....prepare!!

1. I wish all my wishes could be real.

2. ...that's what I'm thinking.

3. Please bring on the presents, smiles and laughs at Christmas. I need it.

4. To watch my children grow up and have their own agenda and interests is so amazing.

5. One of my fondest hopes is to find a place in my life where I am truly happy.

6. People have actually gone out of their way for me at times and I just wanted to say thank you.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to my company Christmas party, tomorrow my plans include cleaning up my house (I am sure) and taking the kids to see Santa**see below**and Sunday, I want to try to relax and not do a lot...I really don't know what that is like!

**Marshall has been talking to a picture of Santa on one of our Christmas cards. He is begging cardboard Santa to bring him a skateboard. Poor thing, this is his expectation of the jolly guy, a printed cartoon type character. So Sad

Friday, December 3, 2010

AHHHHH, Friday!!!

Wow, could my life slip away any faster. Friday again....REALLY? No complaints, per se, just hard to believe another week of my life is gone. Anywho, the week at a glance:
  • Mom's recovery is on the upswing (finally). She has rid herself of all infection and will hopefully be ready for more saline in her expanders. New boobs, here we come!! woo hoo
  • Michael had his first concert last night as a saxophonist. Did fabulous without a hint of nervousness however, when the advanced band was playing, there was a small fire and the entire program had to be evacuated. I guess this will be a concert he will never forget. On a side note, my child is totally at ease being on stage in front of people. I know most of you are thinking 'I know where he gets that from'.....but I interject....yes, I was in the performing arts for years BUT I was worthless during the final seconds of said performance. Once I was on stage, it was all business...dancing, singing, acting, etc. Prior, could almost vomit!! He is not like that and I am so glad.
  • I have officially and literally wrapped up my Christmas shopping. I have a few gifts that I am debating on buying for some special peeps in my life :) but I may have to break down and get them. They mean that much to me regardless of the cost!!
  • Marshall is still Marshall. Into everything and running 90 to nothing 24 hours a day. I cannot believe he will start kindergarten in 7 months. God, please help that teacher!
1. The best thing about a birthday celebration is...please...I am the center of attention. As if this part being my favorite is a surprise to anyone.

2. I want to look back sans regret in regards to the passage of time. No should a, would a, could a.

3. I went shopping recently and the most interesting thing I bought was the most awesome pair of Mary Jane snow slippers that are soft, cuddly and grace the presence of my feet every night.

4. Mousetrap is a child's game, however, I bought it for my kids and cannot wait to play it.

5. The reason is there is just an effect on me that I cannot even come close to explaining.

6. I am a big fan snow and cold only if I can be snuggled up inside next to a fire or in a hot tub.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to trying out Blue Coast Burrito and beginning the 1000 light stringing of the tree
, tomorrow my plans include 9 a.m. fun run with Michael, followed my a laser tag birthday party for a friend of Michael's, hopefully some telephone time to catch up with peeps, followed by a cross country banquet at 6...kill me now and Sunday, I want to take the kids to Sunday School, finish (for the love of God) putting up the Christmas decorations, making the menus for two big parties I will be hosting at my home next week and watching my kids participate in the Hanging of the Greens at church on Sunday night.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Late...Again. Story of my life!

Thanksgiving was getting close, then it was here, and now....gone! How fast has this holiday season started and Christmas will be here in 27 days. All I can do is cross my eyes and shake my read as a response to that! I was able to kick off my holiday with a 2 1/2 day work week which was sweet. Thursday, we went to my grandmother's house in Franklin where I proceeded to eat way too much as if I could somehow squirrel away some of this yummy food for a later date!
I stayed the night at Cool Springs with a couple of girlfriends so we could get up and just be there for the Black Friday shopping. Toys 'R Us opened at ten o'clock Thursday night and we had a bright idea to go ahead and hit that store to mark if off the Friday list. HAHAHAHAHAHA We found out real quick that the joke was on us. The line to get into the store was over a block and half long. We decided to bail and get back to the hotel to rest up. Black Friday shopping rendered much success and I would venture to say I was able to complete 80% of my shopping without a list, itinerary or agenda.
I have unfortunately discovered that Michael gets harder and harder to shop for the older he gets. He is technically out of the toy stage and is getting incredibly picky over his clothes. I would see a shirt and think 'that's a nice shirt' then the more I would look at it the more I began to second guess his approval of said clothing item. Needless to say, not a lot of clothes purchased for him Friday...he is going to have to start liking to shop if he wants to pick out his own things. (he was reading this as I was typing and just informed me he will never like to shop) I guess we shall see.
I am almost finished with decorating the house for Christmas. I just need to get the downstairs 'adult tree' bought and decorated followed by putting the big 4 foot wreath over the front door...oh....and wrapping lights around my awesomely large cypress trees!!

1. Three things I must have on my Thanksgiving table: mashed potatoes, moist dressing and turnip greens.

2. A couple of Sundays ago I watched movies with the boys sacked out on the couch.

3. This is becoming too complicated at times...I wish it could be done with so I can move on.

4. I have become a little obsessed when I decorate the house for Christmas.

5. Oh, man, thankfully it's almost Christmas and my shopping list is getting shorter.

6. I will perfect the art of movie making. ;)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sorting through all the gifts and hoping one child doesn't have more than another, tomorrow my plans include putting a big dent in the decorating of the house and Sunday, I want to spend time with my boys and pick out our real tree to put downstairs!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekend Update With Yours Truly

Well, I survived the week being an assistant short, thankfully I had a dear friend who was able to see ten visits which helped immensely. Now, I get to suffer through a (hopefully) 2 day work week in preparation for Thanksgiving and our annual Black Friday extravaganza. Suffer? I think not.

Mom has suffered a small set back in her recovery. She was diagnosed with cellulitis in her right breast and has been put on antibiotics. Hopefully this will clear everything up and forward movement can once again resume.

I am having a hard time believing it is Thanksgiving already. The entire year started.....then all of a was gone. I have only bought one present for far behind. I am actually going to start putting up Christmas decorations this weekend to prepare for my bunko group coming here for the December play time. So exciting.
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and stays well!

1. Why does everything you want in life have to be so damn complicated to obtain.

2. I want it to be you and me free to see the world.

3. Thank you for letting me be so open about anything without judgement.

4. Christmas is my favorite holiday because all the twinkly lights, a beautiful tree, the actual reason for the season, and the magical way it is viewed in the eyes of a child.

5. I am SO glad this week is over and excited for next week for many, many reasons. ;)

6. Whatever will be is what we make up our minds to be.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to our usual pizza/family time with the possible movie...I have this strange sensation to watch Beetlejuice, tomorrow my plans include finishing my window washing and performing other ancillary tasks around the house and Sunday, I want to watch my beautiful children sing at church followed by taking the kids to see mom for her birthday!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Update.....

  • Mom continues to do fabulous following her mastectomy a little over two weeks ago. She started back to work (she telecommutes) the Monday following her surgery and is unstoppable. That is a good word to describe her. I sometimes think I have a little of the unstoppable gene in me but not near the dose she does. I am very very proud of her.
  • Soccer and cross country are both finished for the season and I am not quite for sure what to do with all my down time. I guess I will try to spend more time doing the little things around the house that no one likes to do and facilitating some things in the house to possibly get it ready to go on the market in the spring.
  • Michael is growing into quite a young man. Now that he is pulling it together in school (thanks to his ADD medicine) he is starting to excel in his guitar playing and his saxophone playing. I am very impressed with how quickly he has taken up with these instruments and now he is wanting to learn how to play drums. I am not sure if he needs to take on another instrument but we shall see. I would hate to stifle any type of musical interest since it is so important to me. Did I mention that he HAS to listen to NPR every night while he is in bed?
  • One of my assistants is off next week so my life will officially be hell. Greg sees the patient load of 1 1/2 therapists so when he goes on vacation.....well lets just say.....NIGHTMARE! I hope he just has a miserable time in Jamaica!!! (kidding Greg, I know you read this!)

1. When pigs fly the majority of the people will start earning living instead of walking around with their hand out with a feeling of entitlement.

2. Seventy-five degrees one day and fifty the next....seriously?!

3. Call me Ishmael.

4. I don't know why I like to do that all the time if you know what I mean.

5. The most entertaining person in my life is I surely cannot pick just one because there are so many fabulous people in my life that offer many talents and humor in their own unique way....I simply cannot narrow it down to one person.

6. I will never back down when I know I am absolutely right, who's next?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going out and eating a little Mexican food along with a glass of sangria, tomorrow my plans include cleaning a fish tank, going to Old Navy, going to Kohls with a grand finale of a MUCH needed girl's night out at Spankie's and Sunday, I want to go to Sunday school and then hole up in the house for the day!

Friday, November 5, 2010

You Know What Day It Is

I know this sounds silly but I have been quite unmotivated with all aspects of my life this week. I think it is the onset of winter and the dreary weather we have had. I am hoping my spirits will pick up some toward the end of the weekend when it's supposed to be sunny and in the low 70's. I knew when I was complaining about the oppressive heat this past summer that I would have to eat a little crow. Well, I am eating it by heaping spoonfuls.

1. Sometimes, I wonder what I was specifically put on Earth to do, will I ever discover what that is or am I already realizing it and just not aware.

2. I wish someone could help me find answers and solutions about this whole thing.

3. Small good deeds and/or thoughts go way further than extravagant and showy ones.

4. Self reflection and quiet time is very enlightening.

5. I keep meaning to make changes in my home, life and my surroundings in general but I am still not certain what those changes need to be.

6. I don't know how to get my life where I want it to go...yet.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a quiet dinner with the family at my in-laws as a pre-celebration of Mike's birthday, tomorrow my plans include freezing my butt off in 30 degree weather at 8:30 in the morning at the soccer field followed by going out sans children to celebrate Mike's actual birthday and Sunday, I want to visit my mom in Hermitage and let her spend some time with the kids...she hasn't seen them in over 2 weeks and she is having withdrawals!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Late, As Usual

This has been a whirlwind of a week due to mom's surgery and it's finally over. Her surgery went without a hitch on Wednesday and the doctors feel this should be close to the end. They removed all of her breast tissue but on outward appearances, she will look the same (if you know what I mean) except for two small scars on the lateral side of each breast. What a blessing.
I hope everyone has a safe and bountiful Halloween.

1. While the cat's away well...we are all aware what happens ;)

2. Spending a quiet evening with the one you love; fabuloso!

3. Children can be such a blessing but can also totally drive you crazy!

4. I like quiet and a little me time when I get home from work or shopping or what have you.

5. This may seem odd, but I enjoy small breaks from the usual rigors of life as I know it.

6. Taking a weekend to myself to reflect and decompress seems like a fine idea to me!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching some old movies and eating a yummy hamburger from Bilmar, tomorrow my plans include making my traditional soup buffet for friends to come over and fill up on tomorrow before they trick or treat and Sunday, I want to eat some yummy soup and steal the good candy from my kids (considering dressing up but am not very motivated right now)!

Just for fun, here is a picture of my Bunko group all dressed usual...I lost!

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Friday.....Freakin' Finally!

I have had a difficult time focusing on anything this week. I think I am still in vacation mode or at least longing to be there. I want to take another week off, kick the family out of the house, and complete all those menial tasks and touch ups on the house. Anyone who knows me well is aware of how weird I am about my home and it needs love terribly. I wonder how my boss would feel about me taking another week off?
Anywho, mom's mastectomy is in 5 days and she is so ready to be over this already. Who can blame her? She is extremely nervous and would like at least one good night of sleep before the big day. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
So glad it's Friday.........

1. One of my strongest beliefs is (as lame as it may sound) that things do happen for a reason and if something is meant to be, it will be, even if you fight like hell for it to not be. The exact opposite is also true.

2. Marshall woke up in the best mood today...laughing and smiling unprovoked.....huge!

3. The sky is cloudy with a threat of rain and wind and cold, so we closed the windows, put the kids to bed and .......

4. A hot bath, a good book and a glass of wine is comforting to me.

5. I always thought I'd be a good mother....boy was I surprised!

6. I finished handing out the last bit of candy to the trick or treaters and then I went outside to look at the full moon.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to helping with the Haunted Half Marathon..I am the packet hander outer, tomorrow my plans include OMG three soccer 30 minute for Marshall and two 90 min for Michael...arrgg and Sunday, I want to try to get back into the Sunday School grove followed by some fun at Bacchanal. I cant afford to bid on anything but it's fun to go and watch the richies make bids.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Late Evening Friday Fill Ins

A brief catch up: The first week after a vacation is extremely exhausted. I feel as if I worked my butt off at work and yet it was quite manageable. Anywho, must be the 'everything else going on' which is mostly in regards to my mother. She is going to have a simple mastectomy on both breasts on the 27th of this month. They are just going to take out the breast tissue so (without going into a lot of anatomical detail) from the outward appearance, she will be the same except for a scar. We are all very thankful this is a non-invasive cancer and nothing else in her body has been affected. Her lymph nodes are clean and no follow up radiation or chemo. After 2 months, she can have her implants put back in so...there you have it. Our family's first brush with cancer and this is going back >3 generations. We are very fortunate and blessed to have good genes and a hell of an immune system. Thank goodness it is Friday, enjoy your weekend and here we go......

1. Wow, it's already the weekend again. This week went fast and I am not complaining.

2. What two people can achieve if they work together can be beautiful.

3. My favorite way to start a day is a good cup of coffee, a satisfying work out and 'other things'.

4. I heard a whack, a thud, and he walked in the door holding a pumpkin. (or what appeared to be)

5. I look out my window and see nothing because it is dark outside and with the light on in the get the point.

6. You know what subject I've been thinking about lately.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a hopefully quiet night peppered with some good phone conversation, tomorrow my plans include soccer, soccer and spending some time with my mom and Sunday, I want to attempt to get back into the Sunday School routine and hopefully get a few of the little things that need to be accomplished around the house.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Late Fill Ins

Brief update: We returned from our extended vacation last night about 7ish and I was so happy to be home. There truly is no place like it. The boys enjoyed their surprise one day trip to Huntsville followed by a week in Florida. The weather was perfect. Upper 50's for the lows, lower 80's for the highs and not even a hint of precipitation for the entire week. The hotel we stayed in was nice and 1/4 occupied while during our week but started to explode with peeps on the last day of our stay. I was glad we were leaving at that point and thankful I picked the first week of fall break to go and not the second week. It would have been a much different experience.

1. My favorite month is September (a normal one) because it's warm during the day, a little chilly in the evening, humidity has taken a hike and it is starting to smell like fall.

2. If the temperature is anywhere in the 60's I open up all the windows to let in a fresh breeze.

3. I love to sniff a little after watching a good movie that had a hint of a tear jerk.

4. IHOP Pancake combo with scrambled eggs, my bacon crispy and my pancakes grain 'n nut with butter pecan syrup is what I like to have as a treat for breakfast. (I can be very particular)

5. The hobby I enjoy most is (I have to pick one!) hmmm..I somewhat enjoy exercise, I thoroughly enjoy reading and listening to music.

6. Ingenuity comes from being bent on getting what you want and it is amazing the cleverness it breeds, oh my!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to enjoying my last night in Florida, tomorrow my plans include driving, driving, driving and a little of that ingenuity I spoke of and Sunday, I want to make a stab at making pumpkin soup, by a new fish for Michael, get the fall decorations out (Fall and Halloween are my favorite times of the year) and enjoy my last day of vacation.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Triathlon Mark UP

Well, my first triathlon was this weekend and I think I am officially addicted. I am still trying to figure out why they put your number on every limb except your right leg and they put your age on that limb. there a chance I may be dismembered on this course? If so, no one said a damn word! This is the only thing I can reasonably deduct from the multi limb markings!!
Anywho, I did finish and not in last. I was fourth in my age group so there you have it. I did get passed during the cycling by a 75 year old man. That is a real kick in the head..I wanted to catch up with him and kick his bike but I figured this would be bad sportsmanship therefore I refrained. Well, the first one is down and not really so bad....I am seriously going to kick ass on the next one. We half ass trained for the last one. I am curious to see what would happen with a 3/4 ass attempt!
P.S. Crystal, just do your first one (triathlon that is) and get it over with. It will drive you to train for the next one. Trust me, you will kick yourself if you dont.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hitch In The Giddy Up

Well, there was not a Friday Fill In from my usual source, fill ins! So here I am exposed, naked and with no real direction. So here I go with my haphazard and impromptu update.....

Mom's second surgery (breast tissue biopsy) was performed last Thursday and the results were good and not good.
Positive part: 1. non-invasive cancer 2. lymph nodes are clean.
Negative part: Cancer is 'peppered' within her right breast therefore the biopsy margins were not clean...again.
Conclusion: She will undergo a bilateral (both) simple mastectomy next month sometime in order to remove all the affected tissue. They will be able to perform the removal and the reconstruction during the same surgery. This is good!! In other words, if one was to have breast cancer...this is the one to have. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to minimize this...simply trying to stay as positive as possible.

My Friday Fill Ins are going to be totally lame and may only contain one thing!!!!

1. As for tonight (Friday) we are going to Fall Fest to eat, play and listen to some good local music, tomorrow includes soccer, soccer and cleaning out some items we no longer use, and Sunday...continued triathlon (triathalon) training and general chilling out.

2. Why do we continue to ask the question 'why' instead of the question ' why not!'

3. With some gumption and fortitude anything (including this) is possible.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Small Catch Up and Happy Labor Day

I have been a little distracted over the past three weeks or so due to my Mom's recent diagnosis with breast cancer. It started as a small symmetrical circle which the doctor assured her is was nothing (there is usually nothing symmetrical about cancer) and let her decide if she wanted it removed or not. At first she decided to let it be...that is until she spoke to me. The conversation was just short of me twisting her arm behind her back and making her have it removed. She finally relented to my plea and had it removed.
The doctor came into her room after surgery, mouth agape, and told her it was cancer. We were all shocked (including the doc). That was 3 weeks ago. This past Thursday, they went back in to biopsy some lymph nodes at take out some additional tissue in her breast. He felt that will be the end of it all and her lymphatic system is most likely clean....THANK GOODNESS! So here we are waiting for the final say of cancer free. I really wish they could figure that out within hours of removal! She will still receive 5 weeks of radiation as a precaution then this will hopefully all be behind us. Please keep mom in your thoughts and/or prayers. She is handling this 100 times better than I would if the role was reversed.

1. Family time is important but one should not discount having quiet me time either.

2. I have thoughts that keep going back and forth without resolution.

3. I love a cool fall night in front of the fire outside and wrapped in a blanket.

4. Anything Italian makes a good meal.

5. I've got the best career I could ever hope for.

6. I guess timing it truly everything: wth!!!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to dinner with my youngest while my oldest heads to the high school football game, tomorrow my plans include cross country for Michael and hanging out with mom, and Sunday, I want to get the boat on Dale Hollow Lake and tube with the kids for a while.

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Two Week Writer's Block

Seriously, it is not as if nothing is going on in our lives for me to write about. It is simply too much to write and who really wants to know all the gritty details of our typical family life. Who are we?? The Kardashians or something.....I think not!
Michael is in the full throws of 5th grade and loving it. I am so thankful he doesn't have any of the angst I always did during my school career. The backwardness and insecurities can almost cripple a person.
Just so I can get some sympathy, (which I know I will not get) here is our schedule:
Monday: 4:00 guitar, 5:30-6:45 Cross Country
Tuesday: 5:30-6:45 Cross Country
Wednesday: 4:30-6:00 Kids Church Stuff
Thursday: 5:30-6:45 Cross Country
Friday: Marshall soccer practice 4:30-5:00, Michael 5:00-6:00
Saturday: Potpourri of soccer games and cross country meets
Sunday: COMA
Although there is a hell of a lot more going on than that, I am simply too tired and brain fried to even attempt a lucid and flowing blog entry. Therefore, all I have are the fill-ins babe!

1. You do your thing; I do mine and sometimes they are the exact opposites of our true personalities.

2. How to spend all my down time is what's been on my mind on and off all day.

3. Remember when you kept batting away all the spider webs and then wouldn't kill the one hanging from the rafters. (doofus)

4. Exercising, french fries and texting are three of my favorite obsessions :-)

5. During the last year I have done some significant soul searching with decent results.

6. Being around certain people puts a smile on my face.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to soccer practice, pizza and the local ice cream parlor with my little men, tomorrow my plans include breakfast at IHOP, soccer games and a weenie roast in the evening and Sunday, I want to use my 30% off coupon wisely at the Gap, Old Navy and BR. Bring on the bargains baby.

Friday, August 13, 2010

OMG, It's Finally Here...Hello Baby!

  • I have been yearning for Friday all week. Not this has been a bad week (well, not yet but I may find out more medical news regarding a family member today) but it could all go to hell in a hand basket at any moment! My triathlon training is going OK I guess. I only rode 3 times this week and ran once. So much for the training. Maybe I will just do it and make a complete fool of myself!! Next week we start swimming and I am not quite sure how I will fare attempting a half mile. I guess we shall see or not, depending on what the outcome is.
  • Michael is officially the epitome of the over scheduled child. He has added learning to play the saxophone to his list of stuff. The thing is, the more he has to do the better he is at getting it done and getting it done well. Too much time on his hands leads to procrastination and a half ass job done so so. I wonder where he gets that from? Yes, this rhetorical. I am well aware I perform at my best going nine to nothing. In retrospect, I have ADHD and Michael was diagnosed with ADD (non-medicated) last year...hmmm...maybe this is what helps peeps like us.
  • Michael has also started his 9 week sex ed class at church. Scary, eh? It is taught by his pediatrician who also attends our church and it is Christian based with Bible verses to correlate the teachings, etc., etc.... Oh, and it's not just 9 weeks of sex! They talk about all aspects of adolescence: Conformity, self esteem, peer pressure, puberty. I am pleased with the well roundness of the program.
  • I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, I know I am.

1. Music is truly something I could not live without. It is incorporated into my everyday!

2. The sunrise and a singing bird or two is what I like first thing in the morning.

3. The first thing I said this morning was: I cannot believe it is already 5:20.

4. Funnel cakes and foot long hot dogs; it's what's for dinner tonight.

5. It's all been a definite learning experience.

6. Calling in sick and going to a park is what I feel like doing right now.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to woo hoo it's the Putnam County fair baby, tomorrow my plans include recovering from my fair hangover and trying to stay cool, and Sunday, I want to be chillaxin by the pool.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Fill Ins

As this week comes to a close, I have found it harder and harder to keep myself from relishing in self pity. This week started off ok but the gradual onslaught of little things finally piled up and morphed into a big thing. I was still able to keep it together because all the little things were truly little when broken down into pieces. Anywho, I then received some startling medical news about a close family member and that was the proverbial straw. I don't want to share exactly what it all entails until I know more. I just want this week to end and start another one anew.
On a more positive note, the triathlon training is going fairly well. I focused on biking all week and was able to ride almost 50 miles. Two days a week I am only able to ride 6 miles in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays because Michael wants to ride with me. How cool is it that my ten year old sets his alarm clock for 5:30 two days a week to ride with mom.

1. Life is meant to take full advantage of and that is exactly what I intend to do.

2. No matter how hard this is I intend to keep going.

3. My last text message (or IM) ended in these three words: one by Tuesday.

4. An extremely fattening and high carb Italian meal is what I'm thinking about for dinner sometime soon.

5. On the 1st day of August my true love gave to me...a fireplace for the patio!

6. I am often described as lively and energetic.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to taking a deep breath and let the problems of the week wash off of me, tomorrow my plans include spending some time with my mom and celebrating my 19th wedding anniversary and Sunday, I want to start gearing up for the work week. I cannot believe how fast the weekends go.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Work Day....boooooo

This has been an extremely hectic week full of all of our usual activities compiled with Michael starting 5th grade. I cannot believe my eldest is already in middle school. When did this happen?
I remind him every day, much to his chagrin I am sure, about responsibility. He will be changing classes seven times a day and be responsible for a locker. I cannot believe how they rip the children out of the sanctity of elementary school and throw them into a 5-8th middle school. I feel children without armpit hair should be separated from children with armpit hair. Further more on my digression...if you are developing armpit hair as a boy or anything resembling breasts as a girl, you butt should not be on any type of frog slide at the YMCA or any waterpark for that matter. Ok, I am finished. Michael is also on the cross country (CC) team at his new school and they practice three days a week. I am not looking forward to soccer starting because life as we know it will be over. Guitar lessons one day a week, cross country 3 days a week, soccer practice one day a week and one cross country meet/one soccer game on the weekend. Goodbye life, goodbye free time.
It has been interesting to let Michael go a little and delve into things he is interested in. He has taken it upon himself to start running CC barefoot and has discovered this allows him to finish and not be as tired. He also joined the band at school and wants to learn to play the snare drum. Since I love music so much it has been a pleasure to see him want to learn the guitar and now the drums. His most current repertoire of guitar songs are Smoke On The Water and Ironman. He does quite well but that may be a mother's opinion.
Since I am working today, I guess I should get busy. Oh, how I will miss you my three day weekend but I am hoping you return soon.

1. I'm going to quit worrying about every dang thing and let the chips fall where they may.

2. I have never heard anyone describe me with the words adventure and daring.

3. Perhaps today you can make it a point to chat, catch up and forgive.

4. I would like to adopt and appreciate a true adventurer’s spirit.

5. Compassion is something I am not short of .

6. I will find an answer and a solution to this no matter how difficult. Because that is the kind of girl I am.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out with the family and hopefully having a good night, tomorrow my plans include Michael getting his physical for CC and maybe some poolside activity and Sunday, I want to train with Cerina on my new road bike...we are going to try and bike 20 miles. I know I can, I know I can.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Aftermath

Cerina and I completed the first phase of training for our triathlon by doing our own biathlon! We survived...she more than I because she has been running half marathons for a while. I also discovered that a hybrid Trek bicycle is not made for long distance riding. So, the mission is to find a used road bike seeing as I don't have two grand sitting around to spend on a new one. I rode the 10 mile bike ride fairly effortlessly but having a 3 minute rest before going into a 2 mile jog was almost too much. I ended up walking a half mile but I am relatively pleased since this was my first day of training. We finished in an hour and 10 minutes...not too shabby for some beginners. Don't laugh at the after picture of Cerina and I. Well, I know you guys won't laugh at her because she is one of those girls who is gorgeous at all times. I guess I wont hold it against her. I hope everyone has a fabulous week.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Farewell Three Day Weekends And Other Random Things

My last three day weekend for a while is coming to a close at an alarming rate. For once, I decided to spend my last Friday off doing something my eldest wanted to do instead of something I wanted to do. So, we spent a one hundred degree day at a moob packed Nashville Shores. It was alarming at best so I tried to focus on people who should be wearing a swimsuit with pride. Does that sound I offer any apology....what do you think?

Today was filled with nothing, nothing, and haircuts for the boys...oh yea...I bathed and washed my hair. That was pretty much it. I think we all had our fill of the outside yesterday and deserved a break today. Furthermore, we promised Michael we would take the boat out Sunday and let him tube for a while. Sweltering heat, here we come! I am so excited I could just wet my pants.

On another note for tomorrow's plans...I am the lucky girl meeting a girlfriend of mine at 6 a.m. to ride 10 miles on the old cycle followed by running two miles. woo hoo for me. Our triathlon is at the end of next month and we have to get serious about our training. I am so much more motivated when someone else is up my booty to do it....thanks Cerina. With your help I will lose my last few pounds and see 130 again. (this morning's weigh in.....133.8) OMG, I am almost there. As for the pictures at the bottom of the blog...the boys after their cuts and I decided to jump in the mix.
Now for my extremely late Friday Fill Ins. I was rather distracted yesterday and that is my only excuse.

1. I feel the need to jump on a couch and yell.......

2. I wish we had all the time in the world to catch up, and then some.

3. Do what you do, what you do, what you did to me.

4. I know this isn't completely unique but it is definitely different.

5. It's hard to know how much or how capable you are of loving someone but I am willing to find out.

6. Once the first step is taken, the rest just follows suit.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to recovering from Nashville Shores, tomorrow my plans include lounging at home, getting the boy's hair cut, and seeing my mom and Sunday, I want to survive my triathlon training and afternoon on the lake.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Birthday Hanukkuh

Just a brief little update on my month long birthday. Finally was able to schedule some time with my peeps and celebrate the last bday in my thirties. Of course we went to favorite favorite favorite place. Good times with some extremely intelligent, opinionated and insightful women. You ladies keep me on my toes. What more could a girl want.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday

1. This is what life does. It lets you go in whichever direction you want.

2. And did you appreciate the moment?

3. Upon reflection my regrets are minimal.

4. I hope this continues for quite a long time.

5. Later, you wake up and thankfully it was only a dream.

6. We took a long drive so we can take in the view of the far and boundless sea.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday with my girlfriends, tomorrow my plans include swimming and general relaxation and Sunday, I want to hopefully take the boat out and get in some lake time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Silly Time

We had a great trip to Chattanooga but I am running late as usual and there is no time to elaborate. I intend to get pics up on Facebook this evening with a few added to the blog.
We decided to have an evening of pampering when we got home. Yes, even boys need to learn how to treat themselves and relax!! Happy Tuesday.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Counting Down

Boo hoo, after this Friday I only have 2 more three day weekends left. After that, school starts and I can hardly believe it. Who in the world starts school in July? I guess that is a rhetorical question because I already know who it is. (Great, now I have the damn Final Countdown song in my head)
I finally get to see my babies today. My mom has had them since MONDAY! Can you believe it? Although I have enjoyed the ever so brief glimpse into my life before children, it has been kind of boring without all the ruckus. We are planning an exciting day at Nashville Shores and have decided we won't melt in the rain the weather dude is predicting. I am hanging onto the word 'scattered' like grim death. After we finish at the waterpark, I have made impromptu reservations in Chattanooga for the weekend to surprise the boys. I just had this wild hair last night to go somewhere and click click click of the keyboard....we are southeast bound.
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

1. Layers of understanding is what I hope is bestowed upon me.

2. I have not one iota of insight into this situation.

3. I'd be willing to bet the reason for everything will come into view (eventually)

4. Barking right back scares the dog.

5. I'm fond of ...well the usual answer would be my children with I am extremely fond of but I really am fond of making people laugh, too.

6. Some of the hotel rates in Chattanooga were just way too much!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to making it to Chattanooga safely and relaxing poolside at the Marriott, tomorrow my plans include more Chatt fun and enjoyment and Sunday, I want to make it home safely with all of my sanity intact.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

End Of An Era

I guess the end of my thirtieth era, so to speak. Today, a little before 10 a.m., I will officially be 39 years old. I am not depressed about peering over the edge of 40, really I am not! I have too many blessings in my life to feel that way. Yes, I know people writing about their 'blessings' has almost become cliche but there is no other way to word it. Therefore I shall join the ranks of cliche! The number one all consuming blessing in my life which no amount of money in the world can buy is the health of family. We are so very fortunate. No one in the family takes prescriptions of any kind, aspirin/ibuprofen expires in our house before it can be completely consumed, I have had less than a dozen headaches in my entire life (mom says I give them that is why I don't get them, RUDE!), I had the ability to lift weights three times , run four miles in 40 minutes, and take a 13 mile bike ride in 60 minutes all in the same week.
Yes, I suppose I am bragging a bit but this is my blog and I can write whatever I want!! ;) My only wish is for a pill to cure Crazy 3-almost 4 year old syndrome. Has anyone ever heard of or experienced this?
Anywho, no significant complaints for my 39th birthday...only praises, a few thoughts in my head, and some tough considerations/future options way down deep in my head!
As for my birthday present from my husband....a gourmet meal (Mike is a hell of a cook). My mom has so lovingly kept the kids from Sunday until tomorrow which has been so relaxing and we will actually be able to enjoy our meal without 15 kid requests and cleaning up spilled whatever.
Have a great day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Reverse Three Day

I actually have a reverse three day weekend compared to most. I have to work on Monday..booo...but I am off today. I am not really complaining as I will take what I can get. Nothing to terribly exciting to report. Michael has his last day of soccer camp today and he has thoroughly enjoyed it. He has learned lots of maneuvers, drills and tricks so hopefully he will want to play travel soccer now.
On a different about the weather this morning? We all donned light jackets to sit outside because it was so cool. How weird is that?
I hope everyone has a safe and fabulous Fourth of July holiday.

1. When it's quiet I can let my mind roam wherever it may want to go.

2. A few days or weeks away seems like a months.

3. My heart is hmmm, I suppose my heart is exactly where I want it to be right now.

4. My last birthday in my 30's is this July.

5. In the town where I was born there is heck of a lot more going on than in this town. I miss it dearly.

6. Listening without any pre-conceived notions is something I really love about my significant other / friend.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending as much time outside as possible to enjoy this blessing of weather we have, tomorrow my plans include typical poolside activity and Sunday, I want to head to my mother's house to hang out for the 4th and actually leave my kids there for a few days!! Whoo hoo....I love Mommy down time!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Will I Ever Grow Tired Of Three Day Weekends?

This week was fairly uneventful. Lot's of family time spent outside despite the oppressive heat thanks to a fan! Marshall is acquiring his sea legs....and fast. Not only is he jumping in the deep end and swimming without his swimmies, he is now turning front flips underwater. No nose partial to the side kind of flip....I mean a flip. I cannot believe how fast he turned from a land lubber to a dolphin.

1. On vacation, I like to literally do nothing. Make a small breakfast, sit by the pool/ocean, have a few adult cocktails, get in the pool/ocean, eat small dinner, and just hang out all week without a watch!

2. I don't really enjoy swimming in the ocean. Too many creepy crawlies and sand in your crotch!

3. One of my favorite vacation spots was Costa Rica. We were on the pacific side and not only was it breathtaking but extremely relaxing.

4. I truly feel the full moon makes people do weird things. If it controls the tide, why could it not affect us in some way.

5. Up, up and away in my beautiful Zeppelin.

6. Bananas; I actually worked the name of this fruit into a 20 minute conversation four times. Must be a world record.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a fire in the outdoors and relaxing with the family, tomorrow my plans include taking my new running shoes for a spin around this side of Cookeville and Sunday, I want to lament the last day off of my weekend.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Summer Summer

Just wanted to share some really cool action shots from my new camera. It can take 2 pictures per second.....awesome!!! I will really begin to appreciate this during sporting events. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Closer

Wow, just when I thought I couldn't be more non-productive on a weekend, I totally outdo myself. I am such an overachiever!!! I went all out on Friday taking the family to the little water park thingie in the thriving metropolis of McMinnville and it was all downhill after that. Saturday consisted of laziness to the nth degree followed by a wedding reception for one of my assistants. I was looking fabulous in my fav black and white sundress (ad nauseam) but it was hot as hell and I thought I was going to die. I never thought I could actually yearn/pray/beg for a breeze, current, draft, gust, zephyr, whiff, waft, flurry or puff of air. I think we had to swim to the car...gotta love summer.
We decided not to take the boat out today due to the oppressive heat. 100 degree+ heat on a boat is not any fun. I don't care that you are surrounded by water!!
In closing, some pics of the kids, the garden, and our first two tomatoes of the season....woo hoo.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mid Afternoon Fill Ins

This is the first opportunity I have had today to actually be on a computer so I am late on the draw! Anyway, I had the pleasure of sleeping in until 6:30 in the morning. My eldest was the one who woke me up and since we were both up at a decent time...we decided to go for a run. It was short (2 miles) but enjoyable. I am glad Michael has decided to 'own' his position on the cross country team and take the training part into his own hands. Next, we packed a bag and cooler and headed to McMinnville...why you ask...because they have a pretty cool civic complex complete with huge pool (with water fun features, water slides and high/low dives), tennis courts, batting cages, and large playground. Since it is only 4 dollars to get in we like to take the kids and head out. Four hours later....I am finally home and exhausted. It is amazing how tired sitting by a pool, reading People magazine, and sipping Diet Coke can be!!! Off we go.....

1. I wish my children's bedtime was 6:58.

2. It was the reason, of course, we decided to walk on the trail through the woods.

3. Attempting to blog incessantly is something I no longer feel the need to do.

4. I have another errand to run, then into my comfy summer evening at home clothes, a glass of wine and my favorite cigar (Monte Cristo) on the patio.

5. I wasn't the last one to wear it...just go find it!

6. What were once vices have become comfortably incorporated into my life~~

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to our Friday chicken/spinach artichoke pizza and chillin', tomorrow my plans include a wedding reception for my assistant, and Sunday, I want to enjoy Father's Day with Mike and the kids on the boat in the oppressive heat!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Beginning Of A Three Day Weekend

Hopefully this Friday is the kickoff to the next several Fridays I plan on taking off. If all goes as planned, my vacation will be spread out over the entire summer instead of one fatal swoop of a week, i.e. no workie on Fridays for the next six weeks!
A brief catch up of the past week or two in bullet form (ode to Crystal) as this is my favorite way.
  • Michael is officially finished with elementary school and shall grace the threshold of middle school next month. It is unfathomable his five years at Capshaw are over. Fourth grade had a lovely graduation ceremony and were presented with awards. I would like to say that all children did not receive awards but mine received two. (yes, this is shameless bragging). First he was awarded the President's Award for Educational Excellence and second he received an award for having an A/B average. Must take after his extremely intelligent mother.
  • Michael started Cross Country practice last Monday and seemed very excited about it. He said it kicked his butt however I think he is going to see this as a challenge instead of giving up because it is hard..which is something he has a tendency to do.
  • I finally received the tome of an owner's manual for my new Rebel XT camera...Holy Crap it reads like an owner's manual! I am going to cheat a little and take a photography class at the local college and have someone just spell it out for me and hold my hand. I am looking forward to taking my own pictures of the family and not having to pay someone else a ridiculous sum to do so.
  • Marshall finished his first season of soccer with a thud. We had to beg him to even get out on the field. Michael on the other hand finished with an amazing game and blocked the tie breaker the other team had attempted. It was Michael (as goalie) against one person from the other to man....less than 20 feet away and he stuffed it right back in his face. I was a nervous wreck

1. Being pampered at a day spa feels great.

2. The solution is usually simple yet we try to make it complicated.

3. Every night it is really hard for me to fall asleep.

4. How about people making more of an effort to mind their own business.

5. Being a little selfish and stealing a little time for yourself is something I highly recommend!

6. Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for...

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to chillin' with my mom, tomorrow my plans include swimming and stealing some me time and Sunday, I want to hopefully get something accomplished even though I have no idea what that will be.

Friday, June 4, 2010

You Know What Day It Is.....

Once again....I have been busier than a one armed well digger! The only thing keeping me afloat is the fact that I have four day work weeks through the summer. I wish I could just take the whole summer off and hang out with the kids but I don't think that is in the cards.
This morning I discovered a tear in my right contact. Needless to say my depth perception is all askew and most things are blurry. This ought to make for an interesting day of home health and driving! Look out if you are in the Cookeville area.

1. Anywhere sandy and sunny is my favorite place to travel to. (I am pretty easy to please when it comes to vacations)

2. When I think about my childhood, I often remember having my season passes to Opryland. That was sweet chicken.

3. Respect and trust makes for a good friend.

4. The wind in the trees, the rain on my skin, the lightening in the sky....I guess I should go inside.

5. The weekend is so exciting!

6. My best friend knows pretty much everything about me. That is pretty scary.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to swimming and making homemade pizza, tomorrow my plans include setting up camp at the soccer field, and Sunday, I want to hopefully chill on the boat for a while.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fuzzy Friday

I say Fuzzy Friday because that is how my brain feels this morning. This is my last day to be one assistant short at work and I could not be more excited. That coupled with Michael's birthday party last night and the spray tan I need to get this morning before work so I won't glow in the dark over Memorial Day weekend. Wheeewww, I literally feel as if I could barely go any further and I still have all day to work..boooo..that would bring my total hours this week to around 50. I have already told Mike that I do not want to make any decisions for the next 3 days that includes menu planning!
Michael's birthday party went swimmingly. (Birthday actually on June 2nd) We had a Hummer limo pick him up from school along with a dozen of his friends. It was actually two fold seeing at it was also the last day of 4th grade so they were also celebrating their "graduation" from elementary school. The limo drove them around town some, dropped us off at CiCi's, and finished with a 30 minute cruise about town. The kids hung their heads out the window, waving to all the other cars. You could tell they felt like Rock Stars! There was even a beach ball being volleyed around inside. I am still not for sure where that came from. Anywho, the girls went home and the boys spent the night. They finally succumbed to sleep around 3 in the morning. Well, there is so much more but I don't want to bore you any further. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

1. A fabulous chicken salad sandwich-- the best food to take on a picnic.

2. Summer is hands down my favorite time of the year.

3. One can not have too many pairs of flip flops.

4. To love someone is to know the exact moment they are thinking about you which is most likely the same time you are thinking about them.

5. I could use a long hike.

6. When I crave food, it's usually something fried. (I am not a big sweets eater

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a peaceful house, tomorrow my plans include possible some boating since soccer is on hiatus and Sunday, I want to enjoy doing whatever in the hell I decide to do that day even if it is sitting on my tookus doing absolutely nothing.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Joy Of Selfless Giving

I have the most awesome child in the world. First of all I would like to preface this little story with the fact that Michael keeps some of the cash he gets from the Tooth Fairy and other ancillary holiday cards in his underwear drawer! (original, eh!) He didn't have a boatload of money in there because the majority of it is deposited in his bank account. However, I think he had around 20 dollars in 5's and 1's.
So, unbeknownst to me a memo was sent home from school regarding a family whose father had brain surgery and was having problems covering their medical expenses. In order to encourage kids to bring a small donation, the memo stated 'if you bring $1, you could wear a hat to school on the designated day.'
Well, the designated day was last week and I read the memo yesterday! Go figure....So I asked Michael "Did you wear a hat on this day?" I figured the answer would be no since he didn't ask Mike or I for any money. He told me he did wear a hat on that day. "How did you get away with that since you didn't actually donate $1?" I inquired.
"I did donate money", he stated. "Only I didn't give just a dollar, I figured if one dollar would help some then five dollars would help more."
Hello, this is my child! Taking care of business without pumping his parents for cash. I am so proud of him, I think I could explode with pride (Yes, I know being too proud is bad) but who could not be beaming from this. A nine year old doing all of this by himself?!? I just don't know what else to say.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday, Friday, Friday

I survived my first week without one of my assistants. It actually wasn't too bad and I was feeling rather confident yesterday as my week was winding down. That is until I took a sneak peek at next week's schedule, I think I quit breathing for 11 seconds! I guess we shall see how I feel this time next week. Oh, did I mention Michael's birthday party is intermingled into next week along with a sleep over involving a dozen of his closest friends. Did I mention this was Thursday night and I do have to work on Friday!?!?! I will need prayers all around!
I was able to do a little pampering yesterday in preparation for the christening of the pool this weekend. Botox, pedicure and spray that order! Sunday I get to take one of the two new bikinis I bought on a little test drive! Have a fabulous Friday and a fulfilling weekend. Michael is at camp in Crossville with his entire 4th grade class and he returns home today. I will be much relieved when I see that little face in Cookeville safe and sound.
Here we go.......

1. My fabulously fabulous children never fail to make me smile. (unless they are fighting)

2. I'm looking forward to a little summer fun in the wonderful sun!

3. SpongeBob on the boob tube is what I'm listening to right now.

4. Potato salad must have little bits of pickle in it!

5. Coffee was the best thing I ate today. (I don't eat breakfast in the a.m. before I leave work....does the nasty protein drink count?)

6. Today is just beginning so I have no idea what is in store for me today.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to seeing my eldest child, tomorrow my plans include soccer, soccer, seeing my mom and visiting one of my patients in a social capacity and Sunday, I want to hit the pool, of course!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Couple of Randoms

Short life in pictures.....I am sure the neighbors are loving our continued downward spiral into redneckdom! We are just trying to grow some things and educate the kids. It's all in the name of the kids but it is a trite tacky. I didn't know how else to string up my peas so I used 'string'!

I am still waiting for my check from Old Navy for this advertising campaign!

How cute is this guy? Waiting for soccer a few Saturdays ago.

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's That Time Again...

Whoo Hoo....the time has come once again to celebrate FRIDAY! I so look forward to this day every week and it is finally here! I only have a few patients today so I am much looking forward to an abbreviated day but one of my assistants will be in Jamaica over the next 2 weeks getting to say I will be earning my keep at work. I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets something accomplished on that spring to do list. My main item on the agenda is figuring out how to use my new camera. I finally broke down and went digital so I get to stop using Michael's for (he is happy). It came in the mail and just the mere presence of it is daunting. I am thankful that my Canon lenses off of the 35 mm are compatible because I was not excited about having to buy new ones. Here we go:

1. I just had the most wonderful time sitting in a quiet house!

2. Sometimes it just is what it is.

3. The third sentence on the 7th page of the book I'm reading: "Yonder's the 'Hill' now, see them lights yonside the road," he said.

4. A really good song tickles my fancy.

5. I was walking along minding my own business.

6. Just about anything makes me laugh! (I love to laugh)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to buying a new pair of running shoes followed by a little test run, tomorrow my plans include soccer and a hot date with a trailer of mulch, and Sunday, I want to watch the boys sing and church and spend as much time outside as Mother Nature will let me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary......

How does your garden grow?
I did find it interesting that this little nursery rhyme has a bitter past. Discrepancy over origin, the exact wordage, and (most interesting) it being a religious allegory of Catholicism. Hard to believe something so simple can be so deep. And here we are thinking we can interpret the Bible....Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All I wanted to do was show pre and post pictures of our little garden. You see, we are not allowed to have a 'real' garden in our neighborhood so this is the compromise. The kids have really enjoyed planting and watering our little slice of Heaven. Let's see...we have tomatoes of all shapes and sizes (literally), peppers of all shapes and sizes, sweet peas and okra (I am a big fan). Hopefully will have a fruitful bounty! Happy work week....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Fill Ins.......Or Not

Here are the Fill Ins.....Enjoy...

1. Salsa and chips from Chili's are my favorite.

2. Look at this spread of condiments and you've even got mustard.

3. By the time I get home I have the best intentions to exercise or run but usually talk myself out of it! Surprisingly, it is not that difficult to do.

4. Seeing how much money I can save with coupons is what I look forward to most when grocery shopping.

5. And I was dreaming in a deep sleep when I hear in my ear, "Mommy, I need to go potty"

6. Peace and there anything else better?!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to planting more vegetables in the garden, tomorrow my plans include soccer and more soccer and Sunday, I want to watch Michael acolyte in church and hopefully get pampered on my special day even more than I usually am.

Unfortunately for me and you readers hanging on the edges of your seats....the Friday Fill Ins young lady must have slept in this morning. I will add it when it becomes available. Otherwise, there has not been any type of excitement this week besides Marshall's surgery. He has recovered remarkably and never asked for any of his Tylenol/Codeine pain medicine. He denies any neck pain or stiffness (which the MD said would occur) and has not complained of a sore throat. I have never seen a child this tough in my life. Have a fabulously fabulous Friday.