Friday, July 9, 2010

Counting Down

Boo hoo, after this Friday I only have 2 more three day weekends left. After that, school starts and I can hardly believe it. Who in the world starts school in July? I guess that is a rhetorical question because I already know who it is. (Great, now I have the damn Final Countdown song in my head)
I finally get to see my babies today. My mom has had them since MONDAY! Can you believe it? Although I have enjoyed the ever so brief glimpse into my life before children, it has been kind of boring without all the ruckus. We are planning an exciting day at Nashville Shores and have decided we won't melt in the rain the weather dude is predicting. I am hanging onto the word 'scattered' like grim death. After we finish at the waterpark, I have made impromptu reservations in Chattanooga for the weekend to surprise the boys. I just had this wild hair last night to go somewhere and click click click of the keyboard....we are southeast bound.
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

1. Layers of understanding is what I hope is bestowed upon me.

2. I have not one iota of insight into this situation.

3. I'd be willing to bet the reason for everything will come into view (eventually)

4. Barking right back scares the dog.

5. I'm fond of ...well the usual answer would be my children with I am extremely fond of but I really am fond of making people laugh, too.

6. Some of the hotel rates in Chattanooga were just way too much!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to making it to Chattanooga safely and relaxing poolside at the Marriott, tomorrow my plans include more Chatt fun and enjoyment and Sunday, I want to make it home safely with all of my sanity intact.

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