Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Fill-lns

I am so glad it is Friday. This week has really gone on and on and on. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

1. I'd really like to be anywhere but at work right now.

2. Shit is the word you'd most often hear me say if I stubbed my toe.

3. Possession is nine tenths of the law.

4. Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid. Captain Jack Sparrow.

5. Marshmallows and fire go together like a hot, gooey chocolate chip cookie and a glass of really, really cold milk.

6. The Energizer bunny goes on and on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to doing nothing at home, tomorrow my plans include seeing my mom and attending a much needed Girl's Night Out, and Sunday, I want to....I really don't know what I want to do, I will surprise myself!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kids Today

We had a fairly uneventful weekend so not too much to write about. Marshall went to a birthday party yesterday at Wiggle Time and had a blast. Thankfully, this tired him out and he was ready for a good night's sleep. The rest of us played Wii bowling again and Mario Party 8, which I am personally becoming addicted to!
Also, yesterday, I was told something interesting by my two year old....He had pulled several dishtowels out of a drawer and I asked him to put them back. (he is so bad about leaving a path of destruction wherever he goes and I am trying to get him to pick up after himself.) He replied, "That not your business", I asked him to repeat it and he said the same thing again. I was floored. He followed that with "That my business". I was floored. Where did he hear this? Not only to say it but use it in the right context.
Lastly, I would like to share a couple of pics of how kids emulate their parents...The first pic is of Marshall with my phone thinking he is texting (notice the tongue sticking out for extra concentration) and the second one is of him listening to his 'ipod'. Too cute.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fill-lns

YEAH, it is finally Friday and the kids are back in school. Life is normalizing, so to speak.

1. Oh, I am so tired of stupid and judgemental people!

2. I don't like changes, big and little.

3. During this year, I am trying to be more positive and happy.

4. Another stimulus package, are you kidding me???

5. Right now I'd like to be at home performing another purge of crap from the house.

6. My laptop is my favorite gadget.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to loving on my family, tomorrow my plans include being appreciative of all the wonderful things I have and Sunday, I want to get a lot of reading done, I am so behind.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not Just One But Two

After reading that title it almost sounds like I am announcing an impending birth of twins! Actually I am referring to the two additional days of school missed in this great county. It has officially been seven days since Michael has set foot in a classroom. I know I am being a spoiled sport but he just came back from break and has yet to complete a school week in its entirety. This is the other thing that concerns me....The last day he was at school (15th), I had to go actually go in when I picked him up because I had to take care of a few things. 1. I had to talk to one of the teachers about Olympic Family Night because I am coordinating all the volunteers who want to make medals with the kids, 2. I am putting together a recycling incentive for students during the week of Earth Day and I needed to talk to the principal about my proposal. During all my running around at the school Michael managed to place his backpack somewhere but cannot remember where. Wonderful, especially since it has two textbooks in it which I am hoping I won't have to pay for. My one saving grace is the backpack has his first name embroidered on it. I know his name is normally very common but surprisingly there are only 3 at his school. So they should be able to narrow it down.

As far as everything else going on, nothing too exciting. The Lost season premier was a little disappointing. I don't know what I was expecting but being even more confused was not on my agenda! Maybe it was because I fell asleep during the last 45 minutes! It is so hard for me to stay up past 9:30 or so unless I have a really good incentive. Being confused is a poor incentive! Oh, and tomorrow is FRIDAY. That in itself is pretty damn exciting!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Don't Think This Is Healthy Behavior

OK, so is it wrong to covet the fact my child has no school again today? Would it be considered unhealthy behavior to be extremely jealous that he gets a FIFTH DAY of rest and relaxation?
We were at the pool yesterday when I received a text from Michelle (teacher at my son's school) saying school was closed for Tuesday. I called out to Michael to let him know this and a chorus of cheers rang out throughout the entire pool. Apparently, all of the kids swimming were from Putnam County. As the kids cheered the moms rolled their eyes in frustration and looked at me as if I had 23 eyes. "Are you sure?" some of them asked. After I confirmed, sighs rang out from the moms! This was almost as loud as the cheers! What is it about school being out for snow that does it for kids? I remember when I was younger, I could hear the news emanating from my mom's room. Hearing that Snow Bird jingle would almost bring tears to my eyes!! This was also before all the news stations had tickers running across the bottom of the screen, the anchors had to actual name off each county....travesty, I know. I would lie in bed and say a little prayer for Wilson County to please, please, please be closed. Of course, they would report the schools in alphabetical order and guess which county is dead last in the entire state of Tennessee! (not just Middle TN). You got it, boy you are smart! Once I received confirmation, I would drift off to sleep...smiling!
Oh, Marshall is doing great. I am glad I was able to keep him home yesterday. He woke up from his three and a half hour nap and was his old self after about 5 minutes. I am thankful it turned out to be nothing. Don't forget about the Inauguration today if you have the opportunity to watch it. Whether you voted for him or not, whether you believe in his policies or not, he is still going to be our leader for the next four years.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Day Off

I have been looking forward to this day off for a while. I had huge plans for Michael and I to spend a full day together without baby brother in tow. We were going to eat breakfast at Shoney's (his choice, not mine), go shopping to find him pants that weren't too long or too short, and last but not least....we were going to the YMCA to swim.
I began to see my planned day fading when Little Bit started to show signs of a fever, runny nose and cough yesterday. Oh please Lord, I prayed selfishly, let him not be sick so Michael and I can have our day. As you can guess, God is not much into the business of answering selfish prayers. So here I sit in the kitchen blogging, watching it snow, and listening to Marshall fight sleep upstairs. Thankfully my mother in-law is coming over later to watch the babe so I can still take Michael swimming. Other than that, so much for a quiet, unfettered day off. I have been enjoying watching it snow. This cup of coffee is helping everything fall into place, too.

Oh, I took Michael to see Mall Cop yesterday afternoon. I could not believe how crowded the theater was. I guess everyone was trying to get on the matinee rate! Can't say I blame them. Even though most of you are going to find this hard to believe but it was a good movie. .The underdog prevails. We also introduced the world of Dumb and Dumber to my oldest last night. He laughed his butt off. And for all you Losties out there (I am a huge fan of Lost) the season premier is Wednesday starting at 7 on ABC. A full three hours worth. I have already reserved the big TV upstairs and asked hubby to help with the kiddos so I can watch it all. I can't wait!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Interesting Saturday

First, I would like to note that I ended up working eleven hours on Friday at two different places. I preface my story with that so one could ascertain where my frame of mind may have been on Saturday morning..........
I decided to get up early on Saturday so I could shower/dress before my Mom got here. She visits every other Saturday. Although I have been accused of keeping my house the temperature equivalent of the Arctic Tundra, I noticed the upstairs was colder than usual even by my standards. I checked out the thermostat and it read 61 degrees! The heat should have already kicked on because it is set to warm up the upstairs to 69 from 5:30-8:30 in the morning. Great, we have no heat!!! The first thing I checked was the circuit breaker downstairs, operating just fine. So I do the next obvious thing (insert sarcasm) turn the heater thermostat off then on again. Isn't this the universal way to "reset" something!? Guess what, didn't work.
I then break down and called the Heating Guy. Just what I was hoping I could blow my money on.....a weekend/emergency service call....YIIIPPPEEEE!
He gets here about 10ish and ascends into the attic to look at the gas heat thingie. Brace yourself and try to visualize what I am about to explain. The heater gives off condensation in a little cup thing; therefore a metal pan is under it just in case it malfunctions and overflows. The catch pan has a switch on it that will turn off the entire unit if the pan is filled with water. Call it a secondary safety measure to avoid water going where no one has dared to go! Apparently, the condensation pipe which drains out a PVC pipe to the outdoors started to freeze. This freezing effect traveled up through the pipe and caused the overflow into the catch pan. The pan was FULL AND FROZEN SOLID!!! The secondary safety switch was triggered and FROZEN!! The guy had "never seen anything like this before" because if it was going to would happen to us. He defrosted everything, reset the switch, blew out the drainage line and off he went. WE HAD HEAT! I was so excited. The HVAC guy left.
This excitement was short lived. A few hours later, I go downstairs and as I am exiting the kitchen, I notice a puddle of water on the floor by the table. "Where in the World did that come from", I ponder. My answer came swiftly as I looked up and noticed a steady drip coming from my ceiling. WHAT THE HELL!?? Come to find out the drain pipe had froze and burst sooooo when everything began to thaw......let me just say the path of least resistance prevailed. The water came all the way from the attic, down through the second floor (which escaped unscathed), and deposited itself through the ceiling onto the first floor. Needless to say, the HVAC guy returned after my frantic phone call, rerouted the drain pipe into another pipe and after all the water dripped from the busted pipe....the ceiling stopped giving water deposits!
If anyone in my vicinity needs a heating and air guy....please let me highly recommend the young man that came to my home. I have never met anyone so honest, upfront, no bullcrap like "your shlameel needs to be replaced" kind of thing. Please call him for any heating and air needs. He will travel most anywhere in the middle TN area. Thornton Heathing and Air 931-268-1214.

Mike and I ended the evening going out with Marshall's girlfriend's parents!! I must say I needed a drink after my all day H2O ordeal. A glass of Cabernet and a huge plate of onion rings later, I felt much better. Oh, and let me brag for just a minute.....not one time during this entire ordeal did I raise my voice or utter any profanities. For those of you that know me well, that is huge!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


I would like to start off with my utter amazement of the kids being out of school today. Those little turkeys get a four day weekend now! I personally get a three day weekend because I am taking Monday off to be with Michael. He deserves a little one on one time with mom on his day off sans annoying little brother!
Anyway, I have remembered Friday Fill Ins two times in a row.....repent now!

1. Enough with the economy and all these crooked CEO's. Put them in jail, sell all their crap and put that in a stimulus package!

2. Life and my crazy decision making process causes me to be conflicted.

3. I've been craving fried okra. (weird I know)

4. My family and my coworkers make me laugh.

5. I wish I could go to St. Lucia next week.

6. You don't want to know what has been on my mind lately.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out with the family and staying warm, tomorrow my plans include a visit from my mom and doing laundry and Sunday, I want to go to the movies with my son and his friends to see Mall Cop!

This One Is All About The Kids

OK, so I have selfishly been speaking of my own comings and goings lately. I admit it! Don't get me wrong, my children do something funny every day. The problem is trying to put it into print without seeing facial expressions and hearing inflection and have the reader get the most out of it. I guess if I was a professional author I could do that. Then again if I was a good, professional author I would be sitting in Belize at this moment instead of at work!

First Michael.......Early last week he brought home a sign up sheet for wrestling. He told me he really wanted to do it. Now, let me inform everyone of something....Michael is lithe, built for speed not strength and barely weighs 55 pounds soaking wet. Oh, and he tends to be a little wimpy when he gets hurt....not trying to be mean just realistic. I tell him Dad and I will discuss it and get back to him. After reading there was a lot of travel involved I decided against it. This is just not the right time for us to take on more crap. I forgot to get back with Michael about it so Tuesday he asked
Him: Mom, did you talk to Dad about wrestling sign ups.
Me: No, I decided on my own that we would not have time to travel and you complain so much that Marshall hurts you.....what do you think will happen when you start wrestling other kids your age and size?
Him: Well, I have been thinking about starting to lift weights down stairs to get more muscle.
He was so serious. This lifting weight contemplation has apparently been on his mind for a while and to hear an eight year old say this so seriously is a hoot. Don't worry, I didn't laugh but I did inform him that trying to lift weights this early in his life can cause more detriment than good. He was OK with that and off he went.

Next Marshall.....He and I were sitting at the table eating breakfast Sunday morning. Marshall was eating scrambled eggs and a half of a piece toast. He finished his toast and half of his eggs and proceeds to line the rest of his eggs around the lip of the plate.
Me: What are you doing Marshall?
Him: I made a snake.
Me: Is that a snake on your plate?
Him: No, it is an elephant.
Him: No, its a snake and it bit me.
As he is saying the last thing.....he takes his chubby index finger, touches the 'head' of the snake, and quickly pulls it away saying "OWW".

I know it is so hard for this to mean as much to you guys as it does me. So I hope there was some enjoyment after reading them.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

S-S-S0000 C-C-Cold.......

My Lordy could it be any colder outside. It is mornings like this that make me appreciate being able to park my vehicle in a garage. By the time I got to work the thermometer read 12 degrees. Burrrrr!! The worst part is, it is going to be even colder tomorrow morning. The part of my morning routine I hate the most during cold weather is exiting the shower. The ceiling in our bathroom cathedrals to 12 feet which is not conducive to holding in the heat and steam from the shower. If I had nothing better to do.....I would love to invent an electric robe. You simply plug it in while you are in the shower and put it on after you dry off. Comfy, warm and convenient! I am sure something like this has already been invented but probably out of my price range.
As I am sitting here writing this, the snow is coming down like crazy. I am just waiting for a phone call saying schools are closing early!! It is actually sticking to the roads some. I love snow so I am getting a little excited even though I know it is not going to amount to anything.

When I have to walk from my car to my building in the morning when it is ZERO outside....I know I would love to punch Gore in the nose! Global warming my ass! Or in the words of Phil Valentine impersonating Bush, Jr...... "It's not global warming, it's the sun stupid!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Am So Mad

I don't really have anything important to say but I do need to vent. Sunday I got this wild hair to change the template for my blog. No biggie, I thought. Well, apparently, when you change your template, it resets everything you have done to customize your blog....fonts, letter size, etc. Including any embedded codes you have to track how many visits you get to your blog. The code I was using to track my blog was through Google. Not only does it break it down to what country visited, it breaks it down to state and even the city where the visitor was located when they visited. It is neat for me to have a general knowledge of who is visiting my blog as I am aware of which of my friends and/or acquaintances live/work in which cities. I guess it is kind of like me watching you reading about me!!!! It is super cool, again, it does not take much for me! Imagine my surprise this morning when I went to check my visits from yesterday and it showed ZERO! I get an average of 15 visits per day and I was shocked. I do like looking so see if certain people from certain areas are keeping up. I was very disappointed this morning to not know who was on yesterday. I embedded it again today so I hope it is working. Again, I know this is a silly complaint but I do feel better getting it out.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Belated Cookie Party Pics

OK, I am a slacker but what else is new. I have had some friends ask me to post pictures of the cookie party from Christmas. Wow, I am really behind. I think they are just wanting to steal my ideas and pass them off as their own. Oh, and there are black, unmarked helicopters everywhere! Sorry, weird tangent but some of you will get it. Everyone had a wonderful time as the pictures show. Let me tell you, nothing is more exciting than cutting out and baking sixty cookies. I mean nothing! (Note the heavy sarcasm, I hate to bake). The first two pics are pre-party, followed by a couple of group pics (please note the one in which Michael is acting all pissy, I hate it when he acts like that), then one of Michael having a great time, and lastly one of beautiful Isabell who ended up being the only girl. That did not stop here from having a great time.

A Bad Ending To A Good Day

The catalyst which started my good day was Marshall sleeping until 7 a.m. It is a rare occasion one would find me in bed after 5:45 in the morning so I was psyched. The little ones and I piled up in bed and played for a little while. I then had the sudden hankering for some pancakes but did not feel like cooking with all of us in pajamas, we head to McDonald's for a drive thru order of course! I then start to conquer the Mt. Rainier version of my laundry basket. By 1:00 I had about 85% of it finished. At 1:30 we head out again to Chic-Fil-A to meet a girlfriend of mine, Cheryl. By the way, we were all out of our pajamas and I did shower before we left! We let our boys burn off excess energy while she and I caught up without interruption. Another sidenote, we don't make it a habit to eat fast food twice a day! Yesterday was the exception as opposed to the rule!Time flew by and soon it was time for the TITANS GAME! This is when the day began to take a 180 turn. Cheryl came over to watch the game with us and we were all in good spirits until after the half. This was the point where the Titans began to play slop ball instead of football. Ok, I have to quit talking about it because I am getting mad. I know some of you may be surprised by my interest in football. I don't watch it much but I love a good game and I was really hoping the Titans would make it to the Super Bowl. What a disappointing end to a good season.

I will end this post with an apology. I am apologizing for my stream of conscience writing. For those of you who don't know me, this is also how I talk. You have to pay close attention to stay with my thought processes. I tend to be rather hyper!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Fill-lns

I think I have tears in my eyes......IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY! I am so damn excited, I can hardly contain myself! This week has been so can the exact same amount of time week in and week out feel different? (fast then slow then fast) I just don't get it. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stays warm.

1. It's January; where in the hell is all the snow!

2. A really big breakfast is what I crave most right now.

3. Cork and wine go together like friends and good conversation.

4. Having people care about you is so nourishing.

5. Let us dare to continue to dream of things that we know may not happen.

6. I love my home.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to Crawdaddy's for dinner, tomorrow my plans include watching the Titans kick some Raven butt and Sunday, I want to do something constructive around the house, oh and exercise! (YUCK)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finally, Thursday

Thursday is finally here and Wednesday left without much fanfare. I only have a day and a half of work left and wish I had something to do or somewhere to go during the second half of my day tomorrow. Oh well, I guess I can do something constructive like laundry...whooppee!
Marshall is back in daycare and has adopted his bad attitude again. Screaming constantly, hitting his brother and throwing toys. If he tells me 'no' one more time I am going to come unglued. I am considering changing his day care thinking he may be becoming a product of his environment. I am at my wits end.
Anyway, I was able to watch an episode of Seinfeld yesterday. I was so proud of myself for making it through. I know that sounds silly but it is hard to explain. After dinner we watched Tropic Thunder, great cast but not a very good movie. Please, do not waste your time. Speaking of movies, next week's movie at work will be the first Vacation. Again, I am excited...doesn't take much. "Real tomato ketchup Eddie"....."Nothing but the best."
YEEEAAAHHHH, tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Only Wednesday

I don't mean to wish my life away but I cannot believe it is only Wednesday. Feels like a Thursday (every day has a feel except Tuesday!) Sorry, had to interject a Seinfeld quote. Maybe it is the rainy week that has left me feeling as if I have been swimming in molasses. So, here I sit at work blogging when I should be making out the patient's schedule and updating my goals for the team meeting which will be taking place in less that an hour. Quite frankly, I am just not in the mood! I am in the mood, however, for sitting on my butt and being trifling this morning.
What is wrong with me? (rhetorical question) I need SUN! I don't care if it is sun and cold but I need some Vitamin D manufacturing to start happening in my body! I can feel rickets setting in already.
We are finishing up Christmas Vacation at lunch today. Damn, that is a funny movie. I have not watched the unedited version in so long, I forgot how much they cut out. I believe my favorite character has evolved to Eddie. Could anyone be more slovenly? And he does it so well! Mike does not understand how I can watch the same movies over and over again. I do it because you notice new things every time you watch it. For instance, I have watched the aforementioned movie at least 15 times (probably an underestimate) and I never noticed the green dickey Eddie was wearing while drinking eggnog with Clark. His white sweater is so tight you can see the perfect outline of this faux turtleneck thing. Priceless!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I Hate Resolutions and I Am Becoming Addicted To Movies

I hate New Year's resolutions. I feel so damn obligated to actually follow through with them. I guess the solution would be to not make any but where is the fun in that? So, I get home today and I think....well, hell....might as well go downstairs and exercise. I trod downstairs (lower level to the snooty people, basement to the normal people) to attempt some exercise. I jump on the elliptical with the pipe dream of staying on it for 30 minutes. I turn on the TV and let Judge Joe Brown help me pass the time. (Oh, probably should have added that I am addicted to court shows onto my 100 things list.) Twenty-two minutes later I feel like a chain smoker at last call and I am saying some choice words to the Judge for not entertaining me enough!!! So much for 30 minutes! Next, I don the boxing gloves and proceed to beat the Hell out of my 80 pound heavy bag. After 10 minutes of dancing around,blocking, jabbing and uppercutting like Joe Frazier....I was so damn tired and feeling nauseous that I had to stop.....HOW PATHETIC! I am going to make an effort to report my exercising regimen as I will be more apt to follow through with it if I am reporting it!

Now, for the movie thing. Since I am unable to watch Seinfeld anymore for unspoken reasons...I have filled that gap with movies. We watched Stepbrothers last night and I about wet my pants. I love slapstick humor and this fits the bill! If anyone is a fan of Will Ferrell...this is the movie for you! We are also screening one movie a week at work with the therapy staff only during our one hour lunch. Last week it was Young Guns...good lordy that is a great movie....."Did you see the size of that chicken?" I have garnered a whole new respect for Emilio Estevez. (Scary, I know) Tomorrow we are watching Christmas Vacation. Oh my gosh, I cannot wait...huge fan of any Vacation movie!! "This is what they call an R.V...Now, don't you go falling in love with it, Clark!" Yes, it is the little things which get us through our day!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wilderness At The Smokies

I am so excited. I have finally booked our family Spring Break trip. We usually spend several days in Chattanooga but this year I wanted something a little different. So I happened upon the Wilderness resort in Sevierville. Just so everyone knows, I am not a big fan of Gatlinburg or any of its subsidiaries. I think it is WAY to commercialized. This time, I am making an exception. If you have not checked out this place, you need to. It has a huge indoor water park surrounded by all the hotel rooms. I am not just talking about a water slide into a little pool. I am talking about a 60,000 square foot water park with a wave pool, water slides, kiddie area, a surf rider (with the continuous water moving so you can actually surf), and some other type of scary looking tube ride! I truly feel this is a vacation the whole family can enjoy and we only have to drive two hours. We will have a junior suite overlooking the mountains and the adjacent golf course. Mike is a little upset about that because he says it is just a tease to look at the course and not be able to play. Maybe I will allow one round!!! : )
I will be on a mission come the first of March to find a one piece bathing suit...yes, I still wear bikinis at my age, with 2 children. I am flaunting it as long as I have it! Digressing.....

Anyway, I plan on doing everything at this park over and over again. Mostly, the surfing thing and in order to enjoy everything.....I have to feel secure in knowing all of my garments will continue to cover me no matter how hard I hit the water, if you know what I mean! Please check out this place if you live close. I think it will be worth the money! Oh, they also have 4 restaurants on site so essentially, you never have to leave! The picture only shows the pool half but I thought everyone would like to see it.

Ahhhhh....Finally, A Good Thunderstorm

My favorite type of day has finally arrived. If you have read the 100 things about me post you would know that a good thunderstorm really does it for me. Here it is.....rain coming down so hard you can hear it splashing, warm enough outside that you can open a window just a smidgen to hear and smell it even better, frequent booming thunder, occasional lightening, no breeze, Marshall in bed for a nap, a big cup of German Chocolate Cake coffee with a dash of peppermint creamer, sitting in the corner of my study in a big leather chair, my feet propped up on the ottoman with my new book Trunk Music and everything else in the house is quiet. I just had to share the moment with everyone. I am in Heaven.
As a side note, I had a bunch of hair cut off yesterday and decided to update my profile picture. Besides, this one looks a little less slutty! I don't like it as much but Michael wanted to take some pics of my new hair and I could not turn him down. I think he does a great job.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Great Cookout

Yesterday was crazy from the minute I left work. I was expecting 10 adults and 7 children at the house around 5ish. From 3-5 o'clock I needed to start the grills, prepare and cook 6 racks of ribs, and take Michael to his haircut appointment at 4 p.m. The haircut was smack dab in the middle of my rotating schedule for the ribs. I got the ribs on about 3:30 but they take 2 hours to cook and have to be rotated every 30 minutes if you want them fall off the bone tender. So, I had to drive Michael to the hair place, drop him off, turn around back to the house to turn the ribs, turn back around to pick up Michael at the salon and then head back to the house. By this time my Dad and step-mom where waiting in the driveway. Damnit....they were 10 minutes early!! I hate they had to wait on me even if it was only a couple of minutes. I gave them a quick salutation and ran into the back yard to rotate the ribs AGAIN! I know this seems weird but I am extremely funny about how I prepare food on the grill. After being given a few secrets from family members.....I have become quite good at it and I do have a reputation to uphold!

After everyone arrived we ate and yes, I must say, compliments were abound. Even my Dad talked about how good and tender they were. If you knew my Dad you would know why this was such a big deal to me. He is a big grill cooker!! Anyway, the evening ended with my brothers playing Wii and looking totally hilarious while the kids systematically destroyed Michael's playroom. Oh well, that is what it is there for.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Fill-lns

IT'S FRIDAY.....WHOPPEEEEE!!! I remembered to do Friday Fill-Ins which is momentous in itself!! So, here goes.......

1. The world is your oyster only if one decides to take full advantage of all it has to offer .

2. I am going to miss working with you Ray was the last thing I said.

3. I wonder what it would be like to fly or be invisible for a day.

4. Love, tolerance, and acceptance at the end of all things.

5. There's something to be said for doing something nice for someone that is not expecting it for the simple reason of just wanting to not because you expect
something in return.

6. On the beach with the hot sun on my skin with any type of fruity grown up drink is where I want to be.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending time at our house with
my brothers, their wives and children, my Dad and my in-laws,tomorrow my plans
include getting my hair cut (my goodness it needs it) and seeing my Mom and
Sunday, I want to do my usual......nothing!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Well, another year under the belt and time for resolutions. I am making two resolutions this year.
1. I am going to try to more patient with my children and spend more time doing what they want and not what I want.
2. I am going to get myself on a good work out regimen again. I used to be so dedicated to health and exercise. Since the summer, it has been half ass at best. I don't want to lose weight I just want to be more toned. Enough of that......

Not a lot of fanfare was involved with bringing in the New Year. We had a couple over that we know through Marshall (my youngest). They are the parents of Marshall's girlfriend, Callie and the dad owns the lawn service which mows our yard. We noshed on appetizers from O'Charleys and my infamous jambalaya with fried okra. My Lordy it was so good it would make you want to smack you granny!! I make mine with andouille sausage, chicken and shrimp. I wish I was eating leftovers right now. But, there were none....I guess that is a good sign. Marshall and Callie had a ball jumping on the bouncy thing, Amy and I visited and regaled each other with stories of our kids, and the guys played pool. I finished the night with one glass of champagne and I was ready for bed! I slept great but had strange dreams about old friends. Weird.
I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and made achievable and realistic resolutions. Don't forget, if you are a southern girl, one must eat black eyed peas for good luck today!!!!