Sunday, January 11, 2009

Belated Cookie Party Pics

OK, I am a slacker but what else is new. I have had some friends ask me to post pictures of the cookie party from Christmas. Wow, I am really behind. I think they are just wanting to steal my ideas and pass them off as their own. Oh, and there are black, unmarked helicopters everywhere! Sorry, weird tangent but some of you will get it. Everyone had a wonderful time as the pictures show. Let me tell you, nothing is more exciting than cutting out and baking sixty cookies. I mean nothing! (Note the heavy sarcasm, I hate to bake). The first two pics are pre-party, followed by a couple of group pics (please note the one in which Michael is acting all pissy, I hate it when he acts like that), then one of Michael having a great time, and lastly one of beautiful Isabell who ended up being the only girl. That did not stop here from having a great time.

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Doublebanker said...

Looks like a fun cookie party for the kids.