Friday, January 16, 2009

This One Is All About The Kids

OK, so I have selfishly been speaking of my own comings and goings lately. I admit it! Don't get me wrong, my children do something funny every day. The problem is trying to put it into print without seeing facial expressions and hearing inflection and have the reader get the most out of it. I guess if I was a professional author I could do that. Then again if I was a good, professional author I would be sitting in Belize at this moment instead of at work!

First Michael.......Early last week he brought home a sign up sheet for wrestling. He told me he really wanted to do it. Now, let me inform everyone of something....Michael is lithe, built for speed not strength and barely weighs 55 pounds soaking wet. Oh, and he tends to be a little wimpy when he gets hurt....not trying to be mean just realistic. I tell him Dad and I will discuss it and get back to him. After reading there was a lot of travel involved I decided against it. This is just not the right time for us to take on more crap. I forgot to get back with Michael about it so Tuesday he asked
Him: Mom, did you talk to Dad about wrestling sign ups.
Me: No, I decided on my own that we would not have time to travel and you complain so much that Marshall hurts you.....what do you think will happen when you start wrestling other kids your age and size?
Him: Well, I have been thinking about starting to lift weights down stairs to get more muscle.
He was so serious. This lifting weight contemplation has apparently been on his mind for a while and to hear an eight year old say this so seriously is a hoot. Don't worry, I didn't laugh but I did inform him that trying to lift weights this early in his life can cause more detriment than good. He was OK with that and off he went.

Next Marshall.....He and I were sitting at the table eating breakfast Sunday morning. Marshall was eating scrambled eggs and a half of a piece toast. He finished his toast and half of his eggs and proceeds to line the rest of his eggs around the lip of the plate.
Me: What are you doing Marshall?
Him: I made a snake.
Me: Is that a snake on your plate?
Him: No, it is an elephant.
Him: No, its a snake and it bit me.
As he is saying the last thing.....he takes his chubby index finger, touches the 'head' of the snake, and quickly pulls it away saying "OWW".

I know it is so hard for this to mean as much to you guys as it does me. So I hope there was some enjoyment after reading them.

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