Thursday, January 15, 2009

S-S-S0000 C-C-Cold.......

My Lordy could it be any colder outside. It is mornings like this that make me appreciate being able to park my vehicle in a garage. By the time I got to work the thermometer read 12 degrees. Burrrrr!! The worst part is, it is going to be even colder tomorrow morning. The part of my morning routine I hate the most during cold weather is exiting the shower. The ceiling in our bathroom cathedrals to 12 feet which is not conducive to holding in the heat and steam from the shower. If I had nothing better to do.....I would love to invent an electric robe. You simply plug it in while you are in the shower and put it on after you dry off. Comfy, warm and convenient! I am sure something like this has already been invented but probably out of my price range.
As I am sitting here writing this, the snow is coming down like crazy. I am just waiting for a phone call saying schools are closing early!! It is actually sticking to the roads some. I love snow so I am getting a little excited even though I know it is not going to amount to anything.

When I have to walk from my car to my building in the morning when it is ZERO outside....I know I would love to punch Gore in the nose! Global warming my ass! Or in the words of Phil Valentine impersonating Bush, Jr...... "It's not global warming, it's the sun stupid!

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