Monday, January 5, 2009

I Hate Resolutions and I Am Becoming Addicted To Movies

I hate New Year's resolutions. I feel so damn obligated to actually follow through with them. I guess the solution would be to not make any but where is the fun in that? So, I get home today and I think....well, hell....might as well go downstairs and exercise. I trod downstairs (lower level to the snooty people, basement to the normal people) to attempt some exercise. I jump on the elliptical with the pipe dream of staying on it for 30 minutes. I turn on the TV and let Judge Joe Brown help me pass the time. (Oh, probably should have added that I am addicted to court shows onto my 100 things list.) Twenty-two minutes later I feel like a chain smoker at last call and I am saying some choice words to the Judge for not entertaining me enough!!! So much for 30 minutes! Next, I don the boxing gloves and proceed to beat the Hell out of my 80 pound heavy bag. After 10 minutes of dancing around,blocking, jabbing and uppercutting like Joe Frazier....I was so damn tired and feeling nauseous that I had to stop.....HOW PATHETIC! I am going to make an effort to report my exercising regimen as I will be more apt to follow through with it if I am reporting it!

Now, for the movie thing. Since I am unable to watch Seinfeld anymore for unspoken reasons...I have filled that gap with movies. We watched Stepbrothers last night and I about wet my pants. I love slapstick humor and this fits the bill! If anyone is a fan of Will Ferrell...this is the movie for you! We are also screening one movie a week at work with the therapy staff only during our one hour lunch. Last week it was Young Guns...good lordy that is a great movie....."Did you see the size of that chicken?" I have garnered a whole new respect for Emilio Estevez. (Scary, I know) Tomorrow we are watching Christmas Vacation. Oh my gosh, I cannot wait...huge fan of any Vacation movie!! "This is what they call an R.V...Now, don't you go falling in love with it, Clark!" Yes, it is the little things which get us through our day!!!!

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