Monday, January 26, 2009

Kids Today

We had a fairly uneventful weekend so not too much to write about. Marshall went to a birthday party yesterday at Wiggle Time and had a blast. Thankfully, this tired him out and he was ready for a good night's sleep. The rest of us played Wii bowling again and Mario Party 8, which I am personally becoming addicted to!
Also, yesterday, I was told something interesting by my two year old....He had pulled several dishtowels out of a drawer and I asked him to put them back. (he is so bad about leaving a path of destruction wherever he goes and I am trying to get him to pick up after himself.) He replied, "That not your business", I asked him to repeat it and he said the same thing again. I was floored. He followed that with "That my business". I was floored. Where did he hear this? Not only to say it but use it in the right context.
Lastly, I would like to share a couple of pics of how kids emulate their parents...The first pic is of Marshall with my phone thinking he is texting (notice the tongue sticking out for extra concentration) and the second one is of him listening to his 'ipod'. Too cute.

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