Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Don't Think This Is Healthy Behavior

OK, so is it wrong to covet the fact my child has no school again today? Would it be considered unhealthy behavior to be extremely jealous that he gets a FIFTH DAY of rest and relaxation?
We were at the pool yesterday when I received a text from Michelle (teacher at my son's school) saying school was closed for Tuesday. I called out to Michael to let him know this and a chorus of cheers rang out throughout the entire pool. Apparently, all of the kids swimming were from Putnam County. As the kids cheered the moms rolled their eyes in frustration and looked at me as if I had 23 eyes. "Are you sure?" some of them asked. After I confirmed, sighs rang out from the moms! This was almost as loud as the cheers! What is it about school being out for snow that does it for kids? I remember when I was younger, I could hear the news emanating from my mom's room. Hearing that Snow Bird jingle would almost bring tears to my eyes!! This was also before all the news stations had tickers running across the bottom of the screen, the anchors had to actual name off each county....travesty, I know. I would lie in bed and say a little prayer for Wilson County to please, please, please be closed. Of course, they would report the schools in alphabetical order and guess which county is dead last in the entire state of Tennessee! (not just Middle TN). You got it, boy you are smart! Once I received confirmation, I would drift off to sleep...smiling!
Oh, Marshall is doing great. I am glad I was able to keep him home yesterday. He woke up from his three and a half hour nap and was his old self after about 5 minutes. I am thankful it turned out to be nothing. Don't forget about the Inauguration today if you have the opportunity to watch it. Whether you voted for him or not, whether you believe in his policies or not, he is still going to be our leader for the next four years.

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