Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Am So Mad

I don't really have anything important to say but I do need to vent. Sunday I got this wild hair to change the template for my blog. No biggie, I thought. Well, apparently, when you change your template, it resets everything you have done to customize your blog....fonts, letter size, etc. Including any embedded codes you have to track how many visits you get to your blog. The code I was using to track my blog was through Google. Not only does it break it down to what country visited, it breaks it down to state and even the city where the visitor was located when they visited. It is neat for me to have a general knowledge of who is visiting my blog as I am aware of which of my friends and/or acquaintances live/work in which cities. I guess it is kind of like me watching you reading about me!!!! It is super cool, again, it does not take much for me! Imagine my surprise this morning when I went to check my visits from yesterday and it showed ZERO! I get an average of 15 visits per day and I was shocked. I do like looking so see if certain people from certain areas are keeping up. I was very disappointed this morning to not know who was on yesterday. I embedded it again today so I hope it is working. Again, I know this is a silly complaint but I do feel better getting it out.

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Danielle said...

That sucks. I enjoy looking at the stats too. I find it so intersting what people search on that end up going to my blog. And I visit every day, but my stats are probably coming from Nashville still since I am on their network. So Phoenix is visiting!