Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not Just One But Two

After reading that title it almost sounds like I am announcing an impending birth of twins! Actually I am referring to the two additional days of school missed in this great county. It has officially been seven days since Michael has set foot in a classroom. I know I am being a spoiled sport but he just came back from break and has yet to complete a school week in its entirety. This is the other thing that concerns me....The last day he was at school (15th), I had to go actually go in when I picked him up because I had to take care of a few things. 1. I had to talk to one of the teachers about Olympic Family Night because I am coordinating all the volunteers who want to make medals with the kids, 2. I am putting together a recycling incentive for students during the week of Earth Day and I needed to talk to the principal about my proposal. During all my running around at the school Michael managed to place his backpack somewhere but cannot remember where. Wonderful, especially since it has two textbooks in it which I am hoping I won't have to pay for. My one saving grace is the backpack has his first name embroidered on it. I know his name is normally very common but surprisingly there are only 3 at his school. So they should be able to narrow it down.

As far as everything else going on, nothing too exciting. The Lost season premier was a little disappointing. I don't know what I was expecting but being even more confused was not on my agenda! Maybe it was because I fell asleep during the last 45 minutes! It is so hard for me to stay up past 9:30 or so unless I have a really good incentive. Being confused is a poor incentive! Oh, and tomorrow is FRIDAY. That in itself is pretty damn exciting!

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