Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Interesting Saturday

First, I would like to note that I ended up working eleven hours on Friday at two different places. I preface my story with that so one could ascertain where my frame of mind may have been on Saturday morning..........
I decided to get up early on Saturday so I could shower/dress before my Mom got here. She visits every other Saturday. Although I have been accused of keeping my house the temperature equivalent of the Arctic Tundra, I noticed the upstairs was colder than usual even by my standards. I checked out the thermostat and it read 61 degrees! The heat should have already kicked on because it is set to warm up the upstairs to 69 from 5:30-8:30 in the morning. Great, we have no heat!!! The first thing I checked was the circuit breaker downstairs, operating just fine. So I do the next obvious thing (insert sarcasm) turn the heater thermostat off then on again. Isn't this the universal way to "reset" something!? Guess what, didn't work.
I then break down and called the Heating Guy. Just what I was hoping I could blow my money on.....a weekend/emergency service call....YIIIPPPEEEE!
He gets here about 10ish and ascends into the attic to look at the gas heat thingie. Brace yourself and try to visualize what I am about to explain. The heater gives off condensation in a little cup thing; therefore a metal pan is under it just in case it malfunctions and overflows. The catch pan has a switch on it that will turn off the entire unit if the pan is filled with water. Call it a secondary safety measure to avoid water going where no one has dared to go! Apparently, the condensation pipe which drains out a PVC pipe to the outdoors started to freeze. This freezing effect traveled up through the pipe and caused the overflow into the catch pan. The pan was FULL AND FROZEN SOLID!!! The secondary safety switch was triggered and FROZEN!! The guy had "never seen anything like this before" because if it was going to would happen to us. He defrosted everything, reset the switch, blew out the drainage line and off he went. WE HAD HEAT! I was so excited. The HVAC guy left.
This excitement was short lived. A few hours later, I go downstairs and as I am exiting the kitchen, I notice a puddle of water on the floor by the table. "Where in the World did that come from", I ponder. My answer came swiftly as I looked up and noticed a steady drip coming from my ceiling. WHAT THE HELL!?? Come to find out the drain pipe had froze and burst sooooo when everything began to thaw......let me just say the path of least resistance prevailed. The water came all the way from the attic, down through the second floor (which escaped unscathed), and deposited itself through the ceiling onto the first floor. Needless to say, the HVAC guy returned after my frantic phone call, rerouted the drain pipe into another pipe and after all the water dripped from the busted pipe....the ceiling stopped giving water deposits!
If anyone in my vicinity needs a heating and air guy....please let me highly recommend the young man that came to my home. I have never met anyone so honest, upfront, no bullcrap like "your shlameel needs to be replaced" kind of thing. Please call him for any heating and air needs. He will travel most anywhere in the middle TN area. Thornton Heathing and Air 931-268-1214.

Mike and I ended the evening going out with Marshall's girlfriend's parents!! I must say I needed a drink after my all day H2O ordeal. A glass of Cabernet and a huge plate of onion rings later, I felt much better. Oh, and let me brag for just a minute.....not one time during this entire ordeal did I raise my voice or utter any profanities. For those of you that know me well, that is huge!!!

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