Friday, May 14, 2010

It's That Time Again...

Whoo Hoo....the time has come once again to celebrate FRIDAY! I so look forward to this day every week and it is finally here! I only have a few patients today so I am much looking forward to an abbreviated day but one of my assistants will be in Jamaica over the next 2 weeks getting to say I will be earning my keep at work. I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets something accomplished on that spring to do list. My main item on the agenda is figuring out how to use my new camera. I finally broke down and went digital so I get to stop using Michael's for (he is happy). It came in the mail and just the mere presence of it is daunting. I am thankful that my Canon lenses off of the 35 mm are compatible because I was not excited about having to buy new ones. Here we go:

1. I just had the most wonderful time sitting in a quiet house!

2. Sometimes it just is what it is.

3. The third sentence on the 7th page of the book I'm reading: "Yonder's the 'Hill' now, see them lights yonside the road," he said.

4. A really good song tickles my fancy.

5. I was walking along minding my own business.

6. Just about anything makes me laugh! (I love to laugh)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to buying a new pair of running shoes followed by a little test run, tomorrow my plans include soccer and a hot date with a trailer of mulch, and Sunday, I want to watch the boys sing and church and spend as much time outside as Mother Nature will let me.

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