Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dusting Off The Keys

In retrospect, I had absolutely no idea how much of my time was consumed by a computer. It was as if Dell was the name of my closest BFF instead of some inanimate thing which required no love or physical contact to make it day to day. I know to some this may seem a little over the top but taking a personal account of my face time with 'Dell' was astounding and a little frightening. It would be different if I was writing my memoirs, solving world famine, or making my first million of off Ebay sells. Far from it!
Instead the time was consumed with Facebook, blogging, reading other blogs, reading politically motivated propaganda (which is never good), trying to glean from other professionals the true state of the economy, job prospects and the like and hoping I would not stumble upon the fact that our country had officially crashed financially and the U.S. dollar would not even be worth the paper is was printed on.
Since I obviously had to fight my addiction head on I decided to treat is like any other addiction.....STOP! Although this is fairly impossible in today's computer driven society a significant cut back would fare quite well. The 20 minutes I allowed myself per day on the computer had to be rationed like water in an arid desert. I had to give up some things and blogging was one. I was having writer's block anyway so it worked out just fine.
Well, the breaking of my addiction worked. I am trying to do whatever computer stuff I want to do in the a.m. when the kids are still sleeping and when I find myself during the day on it for an extended period of time.....I start to feel guilty and extremely non-productive...which is good!
Now that I have aired all my grievances I feel better! Hopefully my blogging sabbatical did not deter my dozen or so daily visitors but if it did, oh well, it had to be done.

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mandi said...

It is well past time for me to cut the cord- so to speak. umm. maybe tomorrow.