Friday, December 31, 2010

I Should Have Known (A Poem)

I should have known my future as I settled in for the night;
the kids getting ready for bed without putting up a fight.

I should have known what was to happen since I was ready to relax;
this quiet that had surrounded me was surely going to pass.

I should have know when that first little hand roused me out of my slumber;
it was all going to start at midnight and do me in quite a number.

At the stroke of midnight, Michael approached with tears welled up in his eyes;
telling me he somehow had peed all over his toilet, walls and thighs.

Please quit crying, change your clothes and let mom go back to bed;
I will set my alarm for early in the morning in order to clean the head.

A short time later at the strike of two my youngest took his turn;
cryingly standing at the foot of the bed stating his cheek had started to burn.

I tried to bribe him with a soft place to sleep and rest beside dear old me;
he continued to cry, holding his cheek and went to the bathroom to pee.

The crying went on until well past four as his cheek he continued to hold;
as I contemplated how me getting sleep at this point would surely be considered gold.

Up at six the alarm clock blared as the night turned into day;
surely you jest, I just got comfortable and am ready to hit the hay.

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