Friday, December 24, 2010

A Friday Fill In Of My Own (Kind Of)

I get greatly discouraged when the Friday Fill In person doesn't have her weekly post up. Unfortunately, I am not quite creative enough to do one on my own.
This week started out fairly uneventful but turned into a stomach virus/food poisoning tirade involving yours truly. I felt like death on a stick yesterday which included all the usual fun and exciting things associated with the previously mentioned affliction. (I will spare you the details, your welcome). Yesterday was officially the second day I have called in sick at a job since I started working on July 9, 1997. I think my record is pretty good....
Anywho, the boys are beside themselves with Christmas day less than 24 hours away. Now, culminate that with the possibility of over 3 inches of get the picture. If it does snow tonight and we get more than a dusting, this will be the 10th measurable snowfall on Christmas day since weather record keeping began in Nashville in 1884. Pretty cool, huh. At least anyone who reads my blog today will leave with new knowledge.
We probably won't be going to my dad's in Franklin tomorrow due to the impending weather. I like visiting my dad but it is very difficult to pull the kids away from their stuff to drive an hour and a half! This will offer me an appropriate excuse, I suppose.
Tonight will involve our usual tradition of pigging out on finger foods and watching one of the best Christmas movies ever made....drum roll please....Christmas Vacation, of course.
I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday.
Merry Christmas

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