Friday, April 16, 2010

Yes, I Am Still Alive!

Forgive me and my media silence. Nothing is tragedy..just busy. I am also trying to spend about 20 minutes a day on the computer which cuts into my blogging time considerably. It is utterly amazing how much I can get done when I am not sitting on my tookus in front of a computer screen.

  • Michael and Marshall had their first soccer games of the season on Saturday. Michael's team slaughtered their opponents. I am so silly about really beating a team in a sporting event. It's OK to win but goal after becomes sad more than anything else. Marshall scored the first goal of his game during the first 'play'. I will follow that with the fact the field is about as big as my living room (I actually think my room is bigger!) and there isn't a goal keeper. He followed that up by spitting, head butting and checking other kids on his team for the remainder of the game. I guess we need to learn focusing skills.
  • The tomato and pepper plants I started from scratch (made the seed and everything, ha ha) are doing well. We lost 2 of the 26 tomato plants but that is not too bad. We also planted a blueberry bush and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a fruitful harvest. Love love love blueberries.
  • Marshall's tube placement and adenoid removal is scheduled for May 5th. I am not real excited about anesthetizing him again but I am equally not thrilled about the hearing loss which would become permanent in about 6 more months.
  • Well, I realize this is an extremely boring update but I do have a couple of patients today and the sooner I get started the sooner I get home. I will try to be more diligent next week with posts but one of my assistants will be in Jamaica for a week (I hate him!) which means my two other assistants and myself get to absorb his treatments plus whatever evaluations come in for me. Not really complaining just stating! I am very thankful for my job.
1. I'd like one full day all to myself to get all the little things done around the house along with the motivation to actually do it.

2. One of my most favorite romantic memories is well.....I don't really think I can share it with anyone, quite frankly....that is between Mike and I!! :) Does the bag of French Onion SunChips he had waiting on my pillow on Tuesday night when I returned home from Bunco count as romanticism? They are my favorite!

3. Last night, I had spinach dip at Cheddars for dinner. I really wasn't that hungry after my 3 mile run in the heat.

4. Sorry for the times I tend to throw an adult, only child, mini-temper tantrum.

5. Can we go on vacation now?

6. One of my worst temptations is do I have to name one??? Quite frankly any type of fast food, speeding, sarcastic comments, buying shoes; all of these things are hard to resist!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to my weekly chicken pesto pizza from Papa Murphys, tomorrow my plans include setting up a tent on the soccer field (not literally) because we will be there all day; and Sunday, I want to hmmmm, I don't know what I want to do. Let the wind take me where it wants!

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