Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Over....Really??

Wow, this week is already over. What the hell? One minute I was complaining about it being Monday and then....bam....over...another week of my life left to the history books. I only had to work 3 days this week thanks to the continuing education clause in my license renewal, which is required every year. Wow, that last sentence was a grammatical nightmare....anywho....I drove to Murfreesboro on Wednesday morning in a Tennessee 'Snow Storm' had class until five, shopped at Target, bought a pair of custom running shoes at Fleet Feet and then submerged myself in a great bottle of wine from Argentina, a People magazine and American Idol. No kids, wine, mag, show, Embassy.....BRING IT! Good times, good times. I begin to look back on those two days with a twinge of disdain (only because I really didn't miss my kids too bad) but quickly realize I have to take advantage of times like this.

I am the run on sentence queen!

1. Up is seriously the only direction I can go from here.

2. They say there is a virus going around however, I am not familiar with said virus nor the people who are saying 'its' going around.

3. Coats and scarves, mittens and boots: garb I would like to don only two to three days per year.

4. Because of my profession people often request a nice back rub. Hello, why would I want to bring my work home with me.

5. I'm thinking about my future which I am sure does not include selling my house in a timely manner.

6. What is now will hopefully be will be....without all the disturbances.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to playing a little Green Day Rock Band with my son and compete with the PREMIER of a new will I ever compete, tomorrow my plans include getting the items together for Michael's science project and Sunday, I want to watch Michael acolyte at church, chill, and maybe try out my new kick ass running shoes!

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