Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Here....It's Finally Here

OK.....I had the best intentions yesterday morning to have my fill ins finished before ten a.m. but as you can plainly see, I hoo. :o
I over extended myself this past week and have no one to blame but myself....damn...there has to be someone else to blame except me. Let's see....nope...just me! Working a full time job and doing contract work on the side takes up a big chunk of my week but the money is so hard to turn down. I so want to be out of debt and that is good incentive to work harder. I cant keep up the pace indefinitely but will try to do so until the summer, at least.
Let's see, a kiddo update....Marshall continues to be my spirited, full of himself child. Luckily, we have made it almost completely through the winter with nary a sickness....blessing blessing blessing. He loves to color, paint and write his name over and over again. Oh, if only all of life could be that simple. Michael is doing great, as usual. He is playing basketball this winter to incorporate some sort of activity into his week. He has all A's and one B so far on the report card coming up next and I am hoping this momentum can continue. He did, however, get after school detention for getting his cell phone out of his pocket during the school day. He was actually on the playground so he thought it was ok. Well, guess's not ok! They take your phone and detention for three days. Poor thing...he told me afterwards the kids in detention kept getting into trouble and I was glad to tell him that is a place he doesn't 'fit in', which is a good thing. Out of his element for sure.
I hope everyone has a great and productive/relaxing weekend.

1. New experiences and possibilities are definitely in my future yet it is totally up to me as to what that entails.

2. Taking an unexpected turn on a daily walk (or drive) can allow you to see unexpected pleasure of nature.

3. I'm looking forward to my life settling down and getting back to some type of normalcy.

4. If you would have told me this would be my life ten years ago, I would never have imagined.

5. Try to find a little humor in everything. I promise its there.

6. Being wicked loyal, a good listener, able to forgive, able laugh at myself and make others laugh even if it is at me is what's extraordinary about me.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to just hanging out...that sounds really good, tomorrow my plans include going through the kid's closets and going shopping for their new season of clothes and Sunday, I want to once again try to get things done around the house and run a few miles!

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