Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday On Saturday Evening!

Well, the usual story of my being late holds true. Look at the time, I haven't been this late in a while. Have had quite a bit going on lately. Some information I will indulge and some information I shall keep to myself.
Another incredibly long work week as finally come to a close. Working a full time job and an additional contract job wears me out. Seriously, when Friday comes...I just want to veg but then there are all the things to do around the house. Arrrgghh, it shall never end! In addition to my 2 jobs, I took Marshall for his first dental check up. He received a clean bill of health but left the office still afraid of Mr. Thirsty. You know, I must admit, I still have an uncomfortable relationship with that apparatus too! I also took Michael to an orthodontic follow up. Looks like he will be the proud recipient of his second round of braces on March 31st. He is not terrible excited but is looking forward to getting it all over with. Who can blame him?
The last news bit of my life occurred last night. Apparently, when the boys were in my jacuzzi tub, all the jumping type of activity Marshall likes to perform dislodged the drain area. Soooo, when I drained the tub on the 3rd floor, it preceded to not follow the appropriate pipe, came through the ceiling on the second floor and all over the wood floor. Talk about a mess. Now, my ceiling is completely ruined and the floors could use a refinishing. Kill me now....really!!!! Alright, I am tired of pissing and moaning, believe it or not, so off we go with the tardy fill ins.

1. Ooooh, I cannot wait to see how this ends. Wait, maybe I can if it is going to end badly.

2. I want my house back to normal so bad, I can't stand it!

3. How the heck did I end up with so many issues in my life. I swear I don't enjoy it.

4. Anywhere away from the chaos of every day life is one of my favorite places to visit.

5. I'm not a high maintenance girl, I'm not!

6. If it has butter and or sugar in it, it has to be good.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to taking a Benedryl and getting a much needed good night of sleep, tomorrow my plans include conquering this incredible load of laundry that has seriously taken over my laundry room and Sunday, I want to run a bit, possibly take Michael skating and trying my damnedest to relax (although I seriously have no concept of what that word means, teach me)!

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