Sunday, December 6, 2009

Babbling Bullets

  • Marshall has a blister on his right hand from playing sword fight on Wii Sports Resort. I know I should make him stop but he is sooooo into it. He jogs in place as he swings his up quite a sweat and expends a lot of energy. Should I be concerned?
  • I love Botox....yes, I have had several friends question me about this and I reply with a resounding YES. I get it .....I like it....and I offer no apologies.
  • My youngest speaks with such a country accent....I am considering putting him up for adoption. Seriously, take whatever word you want and add an extra syllable.....this is what he does. Please help him!!!!
  • I do love the Vikings only because they have never won a Super Bowl and my hubby is from Minnesota (we have been to the Metrodome to watch some games, nothing like watching football and baseball indoors). A little lost cause and I am all for helping little lost causes.....especially with Brett Favre. Everyone wrote him off as some old guy needing to retire...take a little peekaboo now! Both of my kids have Vikings jerseys and I require that attire when the Vikings are playing whether you are watching the game or not. I turn into my alternate personality with sports. Please don't provoke it......UGLY! I am highly competitive with sports I watch and especially sports I play! (Update: the stupid Vikings were served on a platter last night by the Cardinals. Since my friend Danielle was at the game at we were sending smack talk emails to each other all night during the game.......I get to eat crow first thing in the morning, sure it tasty.
  • We ended up getting about an inch of snow Saturday morning. Wasn't enough to make a snowman but enough to ride the saucer down the hill at lightening speed. My mom ventured out around 8:30 a.m. on her usual Saturday trek to our house. Unfortunately, the bridges on I-40 were slicker than goose poop and she was stuck behind a wreck when she was about 1/3 of the way here. Since traffic was at a complete stand still, she had to turn around and go home. Why the bridges in Wilson County were so bad is beyond me. There were actually wrecks in both directions around Exit 245. The good news is, she came back later in the afternoon and spent the night. Win Win!
  • Both Michael and Marshall participated in the Hanging of the Greens last night at church. For those of you who have never been an observer of such a thing, I highly advise it. Even if you don't come to church or necessarily believe in what church is all about. It is a lovely tradition with the children standing first and foremost from 3 years old to the high school kids. I almost cried once.
  • Other than that not a whole lot.....I was able to repaint all the trim on the 1st floor of my home today. I love touch is definitely a love love relationship. Looks great! Now I only have the stairs and the second floor to touch up and I shall be done! Tomorrow will be the wall repaint. I am on a roll now that I have learned how to paint without tape...see me go! This whole house will be ship shape by the Friday company party!


Danielle said...

That game kicked ass! And it was fun sending smack talk texts all night. I love people that can take it! I'm emailing you about our Christmas visit.

Crystal said...

Thanks for the bulleted updates! I think it's going to be bullets for myself today as well. I'm not much into sports, so I'm sorry that our Cardinals beat your team. :( In Phoenix, we're just happy that the Cardinals are finally doing some winning. Sometimes I wish I had a country accent - I think they are soooo cute! And on boys especially - makes them sound all southern and polite. :) Have a great week!