Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Am Running Out Of Time

Sorry for the long period of time between blog posts, kids. This Christmas season in conjunction with work, Christmas play rehearsals, the actual play, and all the social events on my calender has consumed the majority of my time. I still haven't started my darn Christmas cards, not to mention I have not ordered the games off the internet for Michael which means I probably won't get them in time for the big day. In lieu of a life shattering, transcendental moment (which is what my blogs usually evoke), I have decided to post a few cute pics of Marshall. The first one was at Hanging of the Greens at church last Sunday night. Please note the devilish grin on his face while he is sitting on the alter. I don't think he is supposed to have that look! The next one is a glimpse into our every morning look. Not necessarily the camouflage, footed pajamas but the arm full of stuffed animals which greet us every morning. Hey there little monkey.

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