Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Upper Cumberland School System

Typical for me, I have an arid period of posts then two in one day. I have been saving pictures which I have made on my phone from my home health travels. I could find the two latest ones that reflect the educational status of some folks in the Upper Cumberland. Now, I do understand one of my children attend this school system. However, the spelling errors on the two announcements, which I have labeled Evidence I and Evidence II, are almost too much to tolerate. It is not like they are trying to spell Czechoslovakia or onomatopoeia for goodness sake! I guess some people cannot function without spell check. Yes, I do use spell check but not for the two words I have pictures of.

Hopefully, you can enter Heaven in a 'van'! Notice the spelling of your final destination.

You may have to zoom in to see this one. My phone camera is a piece of cow dung so it would not focus well from across the street. Let me help you...it reads "New smoothered country potatoes" Lord help me, what is wrong with people. The scary part is, this was most likely placed by a manager who would also be in charge of cleanliness and sanitation!


Crystal said...

haha!! ;)

I saw a funny billboard in Durango, CO one winter when hubby and I were going skiing. They didn't have a misspelling - and I'm not sure if they "knew" they were being funny - but their sign said "Hurry In, Our Pants Are Half Off!" I giggled for quite awhile about that one....but maybe that's just because I'm immature. ;)

Anonymous said...


Angela said...

Crystal that is hilarious. There used to be a gas station in MN called Pump 'n Munch. I laughed out loud every time we would pass it.

Angela said...

Bite me Spelling Nazi. I was trying without looking it up and failed miserably!