Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Need A Remedy

I need a remedy, but what is having see!

I definitely need a remedy....starting my resolution without looking back has me suffering. I really, really, really want to know what it would feel like to be 130 pounds again and I only need to lose 7 in order to reach that goal. In an attempt to reach this goal as quickly as possible I have been running every day. But, as usual for me I go all out when I start something instead of easing in to it which translated means.....instead of running 1/2 mile for a few days then a mile for a few days, etc.... I jump right out there and start with 2 1/2 miles a day for the past few days. One half of a mile would seem hardly worth the trouble of lacing up my running shoes...I needed to make it worth my while. I have succeeded....I am currently so sore from my ankles to my hips I am unable to walk correctly. I fake it in the office and make a futile attempt at a normal gait pattern so people won't ask questions but walking up and especially down steps..FORGET IT. It is comical at best with the most awesome sound effects one has ever heard!

In an attempt to relieve my screaming muscles, I filled the jacuzzi up with super duper hot water, submerged myself and turned all 10 jets to ultra, maximum, could move an elephant strength. Felt good while I was in there but within 5 minutes of drying off....I could hear my body talk, if you know what I mean.
The stupid thing is I have full intentions of running 2.5 miles today, too. Strangely, there is not one iota of pain or soreness when I am actually in the act of running AND I feel if I keep going, I will eventually work the soreness out.....or my legs may fall off.....only time will tell.

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mandi said...

your joints need cool water after your run- hot makes them swell, and inhibits recovery. You should know that!!! You're insane! I'm running 10 on saturday, always welcome!!