Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Exciting Pre-Bunco Evening

Tonight was my first night with my new Bunco Group. I only knew the host and I brought one of my friends. I am not real keen on going into a group of unknowns (i.e. people) but that is yet another thing about myself I am trying to overcome. So off I go, late as usual, to pick up my friend and head to Cerina's house. Not the famous tennis player for those of you who may have been wondering.
Anyway, the roads in Algood are relatively slippery with lots of surprise curves covered in ice. I succeeded in impressing myself with my driving prowess.....until I pulled in to Mandi's driveway. No one mentioned anything about the solid sheet of ICE which covered it. I was slipping around like Blades of Glory! I remembered Mike telling me to not pump anti-lock braces so I gently pressed the brake......I kept sliding. So here I am heading toward Mikeal's (Mandi's husband) Ford truck with nothing in the world on my side except momentum which at this particular point in my life...I wish would vacate the premises. Did I mention I was moving at maybe 1 mile per hour? Seemed like the whole world was moving in slow motion...wait...that was me. I finally stopped sideways in their driveway about 2 feet from his truck. Whew, that was a close one. I put the Tahoe in park and applied the emergency brake (habit for me to do). I gingerly yet carefully stepped out of the vehicle and headed toward the front door. Out of nowhere my car was spontaneously possessed with the spirit of "Christine"...you know...the crazy black Stephen King car....and proceeded a perilous slide towards the truck. I helplessly watched and started to count collision deductibles in my mind. I did have an inkling to jump back in the vehicle like some kind of super hero and make an attempt to stop it but that was stupid and I cannot believe I actually entertained the thought. Anywho, my truck graciously stopped about 2 mm prior to hitting his truck. That was almost too much excitement for me to stand. Thank goodness I did not do well playing Bunco.....that would have been it for me. I an easily and highly excitable.

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