Saturday, January 9, 2010

What Men Do When The Women Aren't Home

Unfortunately, the weather does not control home health. Even when it snows, the patients have to be seen. The pictures to follow are an example of what men do after the women are gone. I guess it was a blessing I was not a witness to this event seeing as I would have been yelling 'be careful', 'slow down', 'are you guys too cold' the entire time they were out there. The kids had a great time seeing as the road in our neighborhood was a virtual skating rink. I am guessing all the boys (including the biggest one driving the four-wheeler...AKA my husband) had a large time. By the way, yes there is a child riding a snow shovel. We didn't have enough sledding devices and since the shovel was made from the same material as the snow figure it out.


Crystal said...

Oh good heavens! Looks exactly like my family - except it doesn't snow here, so the four wheeler is pulling Radio Flyer wagons with all the girls in it. I don't go outside when that is going on. hehe

mandi said...

I LOVE it!!! This made me want to go buy a four wheeler for the firs time in my life!