Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Breath In, Breath Out, Breath In, Breath Out, Breath In...

No I am not dead or in some sort of vegetative state. I have just had an incredibly crazy week that I do not hardly know how to put into words in order to have one even remotely appreciate it. Holy Crap.....the 'P' just popped off my laptop. Dang kids...why else would that letter all of the sudden disconnect itself from the keyboard....mutiny...apartheid???? I never knew how many times I used the key 'P' until it was no longer available for service!! Why is that?
Catch up (that freakin' P again)

  • Movie update: Inglorious Basterds....What can I say besides the spelling is all off. I do believe this is the first clue about the movie. I suppose that it would not be quite as moving if not based on past history (WW II for the slow ones). Brad Pitt surprised the hell out of me with his prose of sarcasm and proclamation of being Tennessee born and bred! Wow....just when I think no one can surprise me. Super duper violent but a really good movie. Once again, as much as I hate to say it....Brad made the movie! Scary I know. How many freakin p's could have possibly been in that last paragraph....it's ridiculous! How did that break off again?
  • The Tooth Fairy....Once again I am a sucker for sarcasm. I have read studies in regards to the geriatric population being able to recognize sarcasm. That is one of the cardinal signs of dementia....inability to recognize and comprehend said sarcasm. This movie is full of it (so I am safe for the time being because I picked up on it) and I appreciated every bit. Well, not to mention a little tidbit that Dwayne Johnson is hot hot hot!!! Is that wrong for me to say......don't care!

On a non movie note.....played Bunco tonight and lost miserably as usual. I am so glad I am not addicted to gambling because I would have lost everything a long time ago! I am having a lazy week and wish I could just lay in bed all day.....chillin'. Peace out......damn P......

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