Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Random Thoughts, Observations and Favorites

  • I am still extremely bitter the Vikings GAVE AWAY their last game of the season...pitiful at best.
  • I believe I will be one of those old people who watch Price is Right and court shows all day.
  • I will also be one of those old people that other people have a hard time getting away from because I won't shut my trap and regale them with stories from the good ole days.
  • Marshall took the biggest crap in the toilet yesterday for the first time ever. I do believe he was so cleaned out...he would have been colonoscopy ready!
  • I had a patient tell me today "Blue eyed people have a higher pain tolerance than brown eyed people". AND he actually had the audacity to look at me like I was crazy because I had never heard such a thing.
  • It is amazing the squalor people will allow themselves to live in....even better....raise their kids in.
  • My favorite lotion/bubble bath scent is 'coconut-lime verbena' and my favorite bath salt is Grassroots Body 'The Great Escape'
  • People who have no real purpose in being on the road during the day should have a certain time during said day which they are allowed out on the road. Let the people with a goal for the day have free reign of the pavement.
  • I should be allowed to shoot at people who don't use their signal or insist on riding in the fast lane going 20 under the speed limit (or least lightly hit their bumper)
  • It is amazing how many children who are on reduced lunches when their parents have cable TV, Blackberry phones, a nice car and perfectly manicured nails. Why are they on that program again?
  • I am so sick of lawyer commercials that encourage people to sue for an accident or the ones that promise to get you the 'benefits you deserve' from Social Security disability and they show pictures of people in their 20's. I am sure someone under 30 has really paid into the system and 'deserves' all the money they have put in the system during the past 8-10 years.
  • I have a hard time understanding people under 40 who don't have a chronic or auto immune disorder being on more than 3 prescription medicines.
  • I am a huge fan of flavored creamers in my coffee
  • I hate to hear young people who live at home, have no kids and may or may not be married talk about how busy they are with not one iota of spare time. How is that possible?
  • Why do people say their obesity is genetic as they are downing a Big Mac value meal
  • I watched the season premier of Lost last night and I am absolutely no more enlightened than I was before watching it.
  • Will someone please make an exercise, cardio, muscle toning protein powder
  • People should not be allowed to have bleached blond hair....we are not buying it!
  • The only wine glasses I will own for both red and white wine is 'Marquis' by Waterford

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