Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Up To My Elbows In Vomit With A Happy Ending

Friday started off promising because I only had 3 patients and figured I could knock them off fairly quick. Then I was going to rush home, pack myself and the kids and then off to Embassy Suites for a little R&R and swimming for the boys. The cloud of doom slowly started to encroach over me when I pulled into the driveway. Mike had Marshall's car seat sitting in the drive and he had a box of wipies in his hand. 'What's up' I asked a little fearful.....He responded, 'Marshall just threw up in the truck". Now big deal, I figured. Something just didn't sit right on his stomach and now it was out of his little body, onward we shall press.
I walked in the house, Marshall ran over to me, said he didn't feel good and then started to cry. That is just GREAT I selfishly thought in my head. Marshall then proceeded to throw up all over me. It was in my hair, on one side of my face and neck....and let me tell you....the feeling of vomit running down your chest and stomach on the inside of one's shirt is an experience I could do without ever again.
Because I am a bad mother, I was hell bent to take this little trip. I cleaned up, changed clothes, packed us all, grabbed the little garbage can out of the laundry room, put a liner in it and stuffed everyone in the car. We were off! The good news is, Marshall only threw up once in the truck and one more time at the hotel. He said he felt better so I took a chance and we all went to the pool. They swam for 2 hours without even a hiccup. He was magically healed. No more vomiting and he devoured spaghetti and meatballs for supper. Weird, huh!
The next morning we got up and ate breakfast. The kids were able to swim for another couple of hours while I ran on the treadmill (don't worry, Mike was watching them). We packed up and headed to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. Does the word mad house mean anything to anyone? Does the term 'Maximum Occupancy' not apply to this establishment. We only stayed an hour and a half and left with one eye crossed and a slight case of Tourette's Syndrome in it's twitching form not obscene language form.
Our Saturday ended at my brother's house for my nephew's birthday party. It was crazy in that house with the large turn out but I enjoyed being able to visit with my sister in law for a while before the party and my brothers during the party. They always make me laugh.
Update on the vomit....Michael woke up at 2:30 a.m. throwing up like crazy. He was still sick when I left for work so I guess Michael got the mutated form which lasts longer. Oh, did I mention Marshall looks like he is getting Pink Eye??? Life is Good!!!!


Danielle said...

Well you know I am all too familiar with hot puke down the inside of your shirt, pooling in the center part of your bra. Yes I've been there MULTIPLE times.I LOVE it, it's great.
But at least he got better. And if you're a bad mom than so am I b/c we've also done the we're going even if you are puking trip...So you've got good company.

jenn said...

Eww...Alison threw up on me like that one time when she was a preschooler and I haven't been the same around puke since. Even reading your description makes my stomach turn! I used to be the teacher that could take any pukey kid to the bathroom and hold their hair out of their face while they got sick. Not anymore. [Shudder.]

Hope the tummy troubles leave your house for good soon and that they won't interfere with your Lost viewing this evening! :)

Greg said...

Emily once threw up in my mouth. She was tiny and Kelly had just fed her before bedtime. Carrots, no less. I was lying on the couch and Kelly lowered her down to kiss her Daddy good-night. Of course one of Kelly's hands was on Emily's belly.

Mmmmmmmm......a big mouth full of carrot vomit! Did I mention I also had a full beard at the time? Nice!