Monday, September 14, 2009

A Glimpse Into The Secret Life Of Marshall

Short story, Yes I am am capable!
Mike took the boat out Saturday to a launch ramp he had not used in a while. He forgot it was a pay ramp and had no cash so he put a note in the envelope that he would be back on Monday. In an ode to the honor system, Mike was true to his word and drove back out to the ramp with Marshall in tow in order to pay the ramp fee from Saturday. After he performed his duty, he asked Marshall if he wanted to throw rocks in the lake for a while......duh.....what kind of question was that? The following pictures are a chronicle of Marshall's descension into the water. Would one expect anything less. The next picture is of a little gift he left for us in the dishwasher. He even shut the little door and everything to make it a true surprise! Last picture is a true demonstration of the comedy of the Little Guy.


Crystal said...

What sweet pictures!! :)

Kristen said...

Gosh these made me laugh!!!!!

mandi said...

That is too hilarious. The best part is that he is up to his neck in water and Dear old Dad is taking a photo of it. Mama would be freaking and fishing his soaking rear end out!