Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Update

  • Alas, my last Cougar Run for a couple of years has come and gone! It is bittersweet to watch Michael grow up but...that is what kids do. I stood on the pavement in the middle of the makeshift running track from 8:30 until 1:00 taking pics of all the kids. It is amazing the energy and excitement of these little guys.This is a really big deal at Capshaw and the kids are always ready to give it their all. One hundred and Seventy Five pictures later, I was able to come home and rest. That was short lived, though. I started to feel guilty for not doing any real physical activity all day so I journeyed upstairs and did yoga for 90 minutes. After freshening was time for Fall Fest.
  • We made it to Fall Fest around 6ish. The sun was settling down and the crowd was picking up. We purchased our way overpriced tickets/bracelets for the boys and off we went to jumpy thing and rock climbing wall bliss! After an hour or so the kids were getting hungry and we decided to get barbecue. That is another element at Fall Fest, the cook off. People from all over are selling their pork sandwiches, ribs and the like. We get to reap the benefit. YUMMY! So here we all are sitting under the 'eating tent' when I get a hint of a familiar smell. No, it wasn't Marshall pooing! It was the smell of rain on hot know that unmistakable scent. The skies opened up and the rain fell. That was the end of our Fall Fest fun. Mike ran to get the truck and got it as close to where we were and we sprinted in the rain. Refreshing!
  • Saturday was less eventful. The kids and I went to IHOP with my mom to chow on some breakfast. From there we all participated in the Memory Walk to benefit Alzheimer's research. It was a nice day for a walk around TTU campus but I was glad to be back home. I felt as if I had ran all over town for the past two days.
  • Oh, and let us not forget about today. Both the kids were singing at the early service so everyone had to be at church by 8 a.m. Michael was also the liturgist for the service. They are the opener, if you will, and call everyone to worship. It is a very big deal and there is a lot to read. He did not even flinch! He carried it off like he had been public speaking for years. I was so proud of him. I asked him afterward if he was nervous and he said not one bit. I then asked if his calm nerves were due to the lectern blocking most of his view from the congregation (except the balcony). He said yes! I guess that is better than visualizing everyone in their underwear! One last thing, we all got to see Marshall pick his nose at the end of his song. Once again....I could not be a more proud parent! Pick a winner, son.
Here is a picture prior to church. How sweet are my boys?

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