Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Got Another Award and Various Other Ramblings

WOOOO HOOOO, my cyber friend Crystal (that is actually her real name and she is a friend of one of my oldest friend and lives in Phoenix, not a nameless stalker!) gave me an award for my blog. Although the 'Blog Awards' are just for fun, it is still pretty cool to get the notoriety. So here is is:
I am sorry I have not blogged in a few days. I know it is hard to believe but my life is not so exciting that I have the material to blog often. No Way! I know, I know try to get your composure back.
  • Saturday was birthday party day. Thankfully, one was for kids and one was for adults. The bowling party for the kids was fun for the kids! Me, on the other hand was highly over stimulated. I was wondering toward the end if it would be inappropriate of me to get a beer from the bar. Don't worry I restrained. The evening party was a double. One spouse was turning 38 and the other 40. Since Mike and I could not find a babysitter to acquiesce our request, he was gracious enough to let me go with one of my girlfriends. Well, my friend Michelle and I thought.....two girls could not possibly get together without doing some sort of shopping. That would cause some horrible misalignment in the cosmos....planets would juxtapose.....UTTER CHAOS! Ok, I am finished. We hit up TJ Maxx. One outfit and a fabulously red coat for me and two wonderful coats for her later......we were off to the party. Since my fabulous red coat was light and more of a nippy evening type of garb, I decided it was totally appropriate to wear it into the party. Quite stunning if I do so myself with a black shirt, jeans and 2.5" black heels. Hey, what can I say. If you cannot give compliments to yourself than you will not be able to accept them from people.....or something like that. The party was great and Brad and Michelle's place is awesome. It is so SoHo Loftish in a VERY trendy way and much bigger. I guess that's what comes with being married to an artist. They just think more creatively than normal folk. Please visit his website and look at some of his work. It is truly amazing. Especially since he does it with a chainsaw.
Well I had a lot more to write but alas I am out of time. Don't cry!!! Off to work I go.

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mandi said...

IIm so glad you got to go and shop. Just last night I said to Mikeal, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! I need to shop!" I'm sure the party stopped just to see you walk in the front door. Everything in Slow-mo. I've heard about the fab-o Sells pad. I'm such an artistic wanna-be! I would love it I'm sure. Is he opening it up for the art prowl this year? HOw's that for some random comments?