Monday, October 5, 2009

4 Days Late

I feel so bad! I was four days late decorating the house for my second favorite holiday. How dare I rob such a thing from my children? Don't worry I have not lost it but I was a little disappointed in myself for getting started on Sunday instead of the first day of the new month. We bought our pumpkins and mums yesterday after church and I was able to spray paint two of them white so we can draw faces and place them on their metal body! It is more ghoulish that way! I will take a picture so that will make more sense. I did control myself this time with the pumpkin buying. I only bought 4. I usually buy 10 but with the recession and all....we had to cut back!
All I have left to do is put together our ghost threesome. I still need to go to Walmart to buy everything (cloth drop cloth and rope lights) to make our ghostly trio! It is an extremely easy way to decorate for the season. Take metal tomato cages, turn them upside down, wrap white lights around the cage, cut a drop cloth to drape them, and draw on a face! How simple and the kids will love it! I think our ghosts are going to be playing ring around the birchie (rosies) but connected by a makeshift chain since they cant hold hands.....they don't have any! Of course I will post some pictures if it when I am finished and you all will look at them and LIKE IT!

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Crystal said...

Sheesh...why are all my bloggy friends so good at decorating for the seasons?? I stink. :(