Saturday, October 10, 2009

The House Touch Ups

Bare with me through all the pictures over the next couple of months of the house. I am on a touch up and redecorating frenzy that can no longer be controlled. Last week I conquered the boy's bathroom. I repainted the entire room (including the pooper room...if you know what I mean), took out the plate glass looking mirror thing and replaced it with individual ones, and then used spackle to repair all the trim divots/dents and repainted all of it. Guess what, I repainted the entire bathroom and the trim WITHOUT PAINTER'S TAPE and I must say.....did a darn good job! Again, this is a brief look into my 'everything must be just so' in my home. Well, I want to involve you guys into my craziness and will post pictures of the rooms as I am finished. This type of post will be few and far between as I am working on other projects concurrently and must prioritize. Here are a couple of the boy's freshly painted bathroom.


Crystal said...

Looks fabulous!! I must have missed your house cleaner post from before, so I read it just now. Please don't ever come to my house - I have never busted out a toothpick nor a q-tip when cleaning. ;)
I haven't been so much in touch up mode (we are renting right now), but I have definitely been in organization mode. I've done my 'junk table', the girls underbed area, and this weekend was 'phase 1' of their closet. I'm hoping to have everything organized before the baby comes in Feb.
I also want to go into touch up mode on this house, since the owner hasn't renovated since the 70's - I'm kinda hoping he'll sell the place to us soon, and then I can really go to town!

mandi said...