Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Is Why I Pay Someone To Do This

As most of you know.....I am a crazy OCD house cleaner. If I were to clean my own home, it would literally take me greater than eight hours every time. This is not due to the size of my home but the fact that I cannot let anything go. It starts off small and snowballs into a frenzy no one could ever understand unless they witnessed it....What is that on the floor? Are those Cheetos fingerprints on the wall? Could the dust on the sills and baseboards be any thicker? What in the world is that muck behind the faucet? Where the hell are the toothpicks? (I clean with them a lot and Q-tips...they can get where other things cannot)
This is my suffering! Well the absolute worst thing that could happen in my life has happened, not really I am just using that statement for a great dramatic lead in.....My housekeeper moved to Florida!!! OYE VEY!!
I am well aware this is not the end of the world but it opens a door and allows my sickness to come in. Seriously! So, today I had a light day at work and was home by twelve. It took me 2 hours to clean three bathrooms and trust me......the toothpicks and Q-tips made their appearance. So did the toothbrush. Hello old friends!
This is why I pay someone to do this. Not only am I paying them for their services......I am paying for my sanity!

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