Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Do Not Have OCD....Well Maybe A Little

Well, this is it. Marshall officially graced the Earth with his presence at 5:31 p.m. on this day. I wonder exactly what was going on at this very moment 3 years ago? I think I was showering or getting ready. Yes, I completely primped and coiffured before I went to the hospital. I was determined my after the birthing process pictures were going to be good this time....not the horrific, look at this before you think of having kids picture from my first child!
So, today is the big day. Marshall is turning 3 and has officially left his mark or shall I say......a torrent of aftermath and destruction (does that make sense?) As with all birthdays, in my household anyway, a party must ensue. The more peeps the better and everyone better come hungry.
Ok, so let me address the title of this blog. Usually I stress so much about every little part of the house. Just think of the minutia which follows that. I am so tired by the time the guests arrive that I wish they would all leave! Not really but kind of. Last night I looked at Mike and said "I am not going to make sure everything is perfect for this party." Then he said "I am surprised you don't have a paintbrush in your hand yet." How rude, I thought......but true. Yes, I have been known to walk around the house with a gallon of paint and a brush and touch up every iota of trim in the house before a party. I just could not stand all the marks and prints.....I offer no apology! I guess sometimes the truth hurts.
I am proud of myself. I have yet to go all crazy and is already 8 a.m. and the party is at 3:30. OK, OK I will admit a few things. I wiped the outside of all the cabinets down (I saw one little drip of something and it was downhill from there). Next, I was sitting at the kitchen table and glanced across the kitchen into the dining room. OMG, those windows are filthy. "Mike, look how nasty the windows in the dining room and office are" (at this point I had made my way to the front of the house to get a better look at all the windows) He rolled his eyes....imagine that. Guess what, they are all clean now and the pleats on the drapes in the the dining room are perfect too.....and....there are no fingerprints on any of the quartz countertops have been scrubbed with a Scotch Brite patio has nary a leaf or debris of any kind. Finally, I have quarentined myself to the kitchen table to write this blog. I felt if I interrupted the madness, I could squelch it. It is working so far. Well, I still have to make up the beds but that is only how it should be when having guest, right? Afterall, it is just a house.

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