Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sorry, I Am Bragging!

First thing.....I seriously try not to brag on my kids too much. I understand that most parents believe their child is the smartest, cutest and funniest in the Universe.
Second thing.....Most of my friends know how I feel about standardized tests. a.k.a TCAPs. (I think it is a means to begin pigeon-holing kids based on academia or how well they take tests) For those of you who are not proud parents of a 3rd grader or older this is an Angela crash course in the aforementioned. TCAPs are a state-wide standardized test administered to 3rd through, I dont know, guessing 12th graders. The lovely government uses the scores to decide who is being "left behind" on how much money said school will receive based on scores. It is my understanding the higher the score...more money and the opposite is also true (not sure how factual that is so if I am wrong, sorry) It doesn't make sense to me either way. All schools should receive equal funding based on the KIDS! HELLO, McFLY.
I must admit I was worried about Michael's scores since he can be so easily distracted....well.... worry no more. Here is a brief synopsis of his scores. There are 26 subcategories in 4 different subjects. Scores are rated as Advanced, Proficient and Below Proficient. Michael scored Advanced in 24 out of 26 subcategories. (The other two were Proficient).....AND....in eight subcategories he didn't miss any questions (score of 100) and made in the 90's in 10 other subcategories. I have never been so pleasantly surprised.
Well, I shall step off of my pedestal now. I will try not to let this happen too often.


Crystal said...

Woo Hoo on Michael's scores! In AZ, their are called AIMS tests. I never did understand how they could justify funding on test scores - wouldn't you think that the schools scoring lower should get more money so they could hire better teachers to get the scores up??? That's just my opinion. hehe. But anywho - it's OK to toot your kids' horns every once in awhile - just don't do it too often or you'll be dubbed "that mom". (totally kidding by the way).

AND, yay for Marshall's bday!! Sorry I haven't caught up on your blog in awhile, work has been crazy.

Hope you're doing well!

Greg said...

"HELLO, McFLY".....you completely crack me up!

Love it!