Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Morning Rain Is Falling...It Is Bullet Time

  • Not really, no rain, however, the weather guys are calling for it over the next 4 days. Bring it, I say. I have grown accustomed to my $50 water bill this year as opposed to my $175 water bill (per month) last year. The irrigation system had to run every other day in order to keep the grass a color close to green during the drought.
  • The first day of school is tomorrow. I am having a hard time believing Michael is officially in 4th grade as of Monday. I still think it is strange that they have registration tomorrow...then an off day, THEN the first day of school.Weird
  • Mike has requested a kitchen pass and wants to go on a 6 day fishing trip to his homeland (Minnesota). Since he has been a patient Mr. Mom during the entire summer...I granted him his kitchen pass and will send him on his merry way Tuesday. By Thursday, I will be ready to chew nails I am sure.
  • I already have an exiting week planned for the boys...fraught with fast food restaurants. One night at CiCi's and one night at KFC for the good fried stuff with the usual accoutrements. Mike is not a big fan of fried, non healthy places therefore we shall visit them when he is away.
  • My Mom is an Angel and has graciously decided to take Marshall for a few days. GOD love her. She feels this is only fair since Michael spent an entire week with his GiGi and Marshall deserves the same. This was actually my Dad's idea which is pretty cool.
  • Well, I guess that is all. Off to a full week of work and helping others.

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