Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marshall's Prayer

With my Mother's urging.....I am trying to be the facilitator of prayer during supper. This is Marshall's prayer:
Thank you for our food
Thank you for our forks
Thank you for our milk
Thank you for our green beans (on his plate)
Thank you for our tomatoes (on his plate)
Thank you for Michael's camera (happens to be sitting on the table)

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Crystal said...

Awwww...Too Cute! Our little Mya (4.5 yrs old) has been doing our prayer for over a year now - and her speech has improved and instead of saying Jeethuth, she now says Jesus. ha!

It used to go exactly like this "Thank you for this food, and we will eat it. Help us to remember (which used to be 'renumber') our manners. In Jesus Name, amen".

But now she is trying to get creative, so we've been getting a different prayer every night for the past week or two. :)

Can't wait to hear the doozies Marshall comes up with.

(Do you remember the prayer on Meet the Parents that Ben Stiller said?? Oh my gosh I thought I would pee my pants!)