Monday, November 16, 2009

How Long Can I Dress My Kids Alike?

I have decided this is our 'farmer look' prior to church a week or so ago. When I bought the matching shirts, I wasn't seeing a Green Acres theme happening. In retrospect, I am now hearing banjos, there is a piece of straw stuck in my eye and where in the hell is my trucker cap!? Hopefully both of my children will have health insurance when they grow up to pay for the years of therapy which I am the catalyst for! Aren't they cute, though.

This past weekend was great and I tried to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather. My mom stayed with us all weekend long which is a special treat on its own. The kids love all that grandma attention and Mike and I enjoy the down time. Selfish but true.
Michael had his last soccer game Saturday and won. They only lost one this season so I am pretty proud of that. Sunday was a fairly laid back day. After church, Mike and I went to Bilmar to watch the first half of the Vikings game. I have become a huge fan of theirs all of the sudden and I really want to see Favre take them to uncharted territory, i.e. Super Bowl Victory.
Lastly, Michael bowled his first 300 on the Wii last night. It was fun to watch how excited he was.
Well, I know this is an extremely lame post but I wanted to write a little something because I know a lot of people log in on Mondays. I hope everyone has a wonderfully fabulous Monday.

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How Long Can I Dress My Kids Alike?

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