Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Friday

Well, for once in my life I am at a loss for words. I went to the usual website to get my Friday Fill Ins and they were the same from last week. Oh NO! That has been my usual stand by for almost a year. So now I get to pen my Friday blog from scratch...this ought to be interesting!
My week has been riddled with visions of cougar paws dancing in my head. I must say the first one-thousand times I listened to 'I Like to Move It' and 'Party in the USA' it was kind of catchy, makes me feel nauseous! Not to mention I will be listening to the DVD run it's loop for God knows how many times tonight as I try to sell my wares for school. What can I say, it is a labor of love. RIGHT!
The kids are doing great except for the mild concussion (kidding) Michael received on the playground yesterday. How one falls of a slide and hits their head on the next door slide is beyond me. I would say that is a "Had to be there situation".
Marshall is up to his usual antics. When we converted his crib to a big boy bed...we also changed the theme for 'nautical' to 'jungle. I felt that was apropos since I call Marshall 'monkey' all the time. So the wooden anchor with pegs for hanging up jackets was replaced with monkeys on the wall with hooks. Guess what, Marshall doesn't like the monkeys. He will periodically take them down and hide them in his toy box. I get to pull them out and Velcro them back to the wall. (we hang most things up with those 3M strips to avoid all those random nail holes. Yes, I am super anal!) Well he was finally on to me. So during his 'nap time' Wednesday, he not only took the monkeys down but he peeled the 3M strips off the back of each one and off the wall. To further make his point, he took the 3M carcasses and threw them over the balcony into the foyer below. Gee, I wonder what he is trying to tell me.


My Smart Hands said...
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Crystal said...

How funny about Marshall and the monkey pegs - what a smart guy!