Sunday, November 1, 2009


Sorry for the profane acronym...however...I am rather peeved by how fast the weekend has passed me by. Brace yourself for this amazing update.
  • Friday: After I decided to actually clean up and show myself in public.....I went shopping and performed some random ancillary errands. Marshall was in tow and I must say I enjoyed my 'our' time together. Of course, the finale of a Happy Meal for him was the final touch. At 2, the fam damily went to Michael's Halloween party at school. Other than the stifling heat, we all had a good time. I am about tired of the school system complaining of lack of funds but they don't adjust the thermostat????? Our tax money hard at work!
  • Saturday started with IHOP. Mom drove up to visit for the weekend and decided to take us out for breakfast. It was a lovely treat and to see Marshall eat with both his left and right hand was quite the site. Even the young couple (early twenties, yikes) sitting next to us noticed the strange fork/knife dexterity involved with my three year old cutting pancakes.
    Apparently, Marshall had been entertaining them with this display for a good 10 minutes. We all went shopping for a couple of hours, came home to put Marshall down for a nap, and Mom and I ventured out for a 40 minute walk to burn off our late breakfast. I made a yummy tortilla soup with a rather large loaf of garlic bread and trick or treating we went. Michael is now big enough that he would rather go with friends :( So, Mom and I went with Marshall, my friend Heather, her boyfriend, her daughter and his three sons! We were quite the caravan of folk! Mike stayed home to make a huge fire in the outdoor fireplace and to hand out candy. The last trick or treater (is that a word?) graced our porch at 8:45 which personally I fill is a little late but that could also be my age talking.
  • Sunday was sweet due to a little thing I like to call 'an extra hour'. Mighty fine! Mom went to church with us but had to hit the road when we got home. After settling down to do his homework I noticed Michael wiggling a tooth that has been loose for at least a century. I bribed him with a Wii game of his choice. TADA....the tooth is now out of his mouth and he is the proud new owner of Wii Sports Resort! Funny how that works. Then it was off to soccer at two o'clock which they lost by one point. Dangit! They were 4 points down in the 4th....had a good rally at the end.....but to no avail. We got home and I was so mad the Vikings game was not going to be aired on regular TV so we dropped the boys off at Mimi's (grandmother) and braved a smoke filled sports bar to watch it. Boy, you should smell my pillow this morning......I should have washed my hair last night before I went to bed. How do people walk around smelling like that....BBBLLLEEECCCKKKK!
Well kids...........that was the exciting update to my exciting weekend. It was actually very fun despite the speed in which it passed. Pictures are pretty self explanatory except for the one of Marshall by himself. That was the morning after candy hangover!

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Crystal said...

Sounds like a fun - but fast - weekend! Unfortunately everybody in our fam damily got sick this weekend - it didn't prevent anyone from going trick or treating or eating candy though! :)