Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hello all.....just a little catch up (ketchup, ha ha) from the weekend and such. I had been meaning to write something over the past couple of days but my computer face time has been hijacked by the Jihad (aka Cougar Run DVD creation). So here you go:

  • Mike's birthday party was a smashing success. We had about 30 adults and 15 children ages 2 to 13. The food was great and there was plenty of it (thanks a lot to my family, Cheryl and Kristie for bringing food too). I find it amazing that no matter how big a home is, everybody hangs out in the kitchen. All the adults stayed buzzing around the kitchen with a few meandering outside at times to sit by the fire. I don't know why people do that but they do just about at any party. We got Mike a chainsaw for his birthday but he cannot decide if he would get more use out of that or a gas powered hedge trimmer. I told him it would not bother me if he exchanged would bother me if he kept it and never used it!
  • Michael had a soccer game on Saturday and his team basically served the other team. It was so bad and the other team's families were getting so frustrated that the referee threatened to eject a GRANDPARENT! Can you believe that? This is a 9 year old soccer game at the YMCA not the World Cup for heaven's sake. Oh, Michael scored a goal too!
  • Lastly, I would like to thank all the Veterans in honor of their day yesterday. Mike is a veteran and spent 8 months in the desert (Saudi Arabia and a little in Iraq) during George Bush Seniors war. My mom is the only one that called and thanked him for his service! SAD..... :(

Lastly, I wanted to include this picture of Marshall. It is not the best of quality but hilarious. This is the get up he decided to go outside wearing on Tuesday. Did I tell you it was raining on Tuesday. Marshall sure can be a mess but some of things he does truly lights up my life. Please take note of the Star Wars pajama top, boxer briefs, and his Crocs.

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Crystal said...

HeHe...too funny on the rainy day outfit! :) Happy birthday to Mike - and a happy belated Veteran's Day. The only military folk in my family are my grandparents (yep, both of 'em) - so I called them on the anniversary of the Marine Corps on Tuesday and yesterday for Veteran's Day.
Isn't it funny how worked up parents (and grandparents) can get over these sports. I have been EXTREMELY proud of my husband - because he is SO the type to get ejected from the game - but he has really been keeping his cool and being very encouraging to our girls during their volleyball and soccer games.
Have a great week!