Monday, March 8, 2010


So I have finally finished all the cooking I needed to do for Bunko tomorrow. I overdid it as usual but whatever. White Chicken Chili, Taco Soup, Sausage Balls, Mini Spinach Quiches.....Yummy.
I also made two other little appetizer things...

1. Bacon Roll Ups (not as horrible on the arteries as it sounds): Roll out 1/2 of crescent rolls into a sheet, spread cream cheese on it, sprinkle with garlic powder and cover with real bacon bits...roll it up like a jelly roll, slice and cook.....

2. Mozzarella Poppers: Can of biscuits...separate each one, slightly flatten one biscuit, place a cube of mozzarella inside, close it up, dip in melted better then roll it in a mixture of freshly shredded parmesan, basil and pecans, place in muffin pan and bake based on biscuit directions.

Now that I have said all that....the anticipation part. I had to open up 2 rolls of croissants and 4 rolls of biscuits.....I never realized that I cringe as I am unwrapping them because I never know if it is going to pop open when you take off the label or it you will actually have to press the "end of a spoon on the seam" to facilitate said pop. That freaks me out a little!

In hindsight or forefront or flankside.....maybe I shouldn't be blogging right now. I am running on less than 2 hours sleep over the last 36 hours....delirium is setting is that Benedryl I took about 30 minutes ago. Please pray for my sanity (seriously), I am working my booty off and it is catching up me a bad way!

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