Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Kind Of Mommy Are You

This was a question asked of me by my 3 1/2 year old as he was helping me make supper Saturday night. I wondered if this was a rhetorical question as he should know dang well what kind of mother I am.

The delusional answer: "I am the best Mommy in the World"
The wanna be answer: "I am a very patient Mommy"
The turn it around answer: "You know what kind of Mommy I am you big silly"
The politician answer: "What exactly to you mean by kind of Mommy?"
The disbelief answer/question : "Are you kidding me, Clark?"

After considering all my answering options, I decided to ask him what kind of Mommy I was...holding my breath at the same time (this is technically impossible but I needed it for effect!) Ever so sweet he replied.....

Marshall: "You're a nice Mommy"
Me: "Are you sure you are talking about me?"
Marshall: "Yes"
Me: "I thought I was a mean Mommy?"
Marshall: "Nope, you're a nice Mommy"

I think he was just buttering me up because he likes to help cook and he figured if he played nice he may get another opportunity. BUT Maybe, just maybe that was his ever so loving side that pokes it's little head out of the shell once in a blue moon. Compare the loving side appearances to the amount of times you have personally witnessed the aurora borealis! Well, that may be a small stretch but you get the point.

On a side note, that cute little guy has an MD appointment to look at his right ear again. If it has not cleared up after this last round (4th to be exact) of antibiotics he will have to undergo surgery...AGAIN. I don't want to anesthetize him again but it is either that or permanent hearing loss. I figure kids don't hear well anyway....why give them even more of a reason to not do what you ask them. Pray for my guy.....

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Crystal said...

Awwww...prayers for your guy sent. :)

And I'm sure you are a nice loving mommy. What a sweet guy to point that out. :)