Monday, March 1, 2010

Under The Weather

I am sick.

Not really sick sick.

Just sick.

I have never experienced 'Cabin Fever' in my entire life and really this is about the sickest I have ever been. (Relatively Speaking)

Reflecting back on my entire life, I cannot recall a winter like this without reprieve or at least one that has affected me so. Does that make sense? My mom has called something like this 'the punies'. That is my affliction, my ailment....I have the punies! (pronounced 'pew-nees' phonetically). I have been unable to shake it. The sun and the warmth it delivers is my Prozac and a girl has to have her Prozac!
I have pretty much sulked around all day today and when I received the 'Weather Alert' from the Weather Channel on my phone regarding the Winter Weather Advisory Putnam County was under for tonight and tomorrow....well that was the huge stemmed cherry on top of my sundae.

This is not an attitude I came home with as Mike has labeled it. I just crave sun and the warmth on my skin it offers. I get zero understanding in regards to this from him or most people for that matter which I offer NO apology for. I need it, I crave it and if it gives me a bad attitude for a few days then so be it!!!

The good news is we are expecting a warm up this Friday. According to the forecast, I will be able to run four days in a row! This is fabulous and I cannot express to anyone how excited I am to get my 'fix'............I will apologize for the ranting and violin playing for my pity party but I deserve that time too. One cannot possibly be happy all the time and if they are they are faking it!!!!


Danielle said...

Ah so this explains why you really want to come visit me. It's not US you want to see it's the damn sun. I get it. Bitch.

Danielle said...

And you know I'm only joking, I really made myself laugh with my comment. Yeah see I've seen TOO MUCH sun. This is what happens.

Angela said...

It our sense of humor and extreme knowledge of sarcasm that has sustained you and I as friends for all these years!
And yes, you are on to my ploy!

Greg said...

This is why Jamaica in February is always a good idea!