Sunday, August 31, 2008

Always Mommy's Boy

The town we live in is small, however, we are the home of TTU. A public college known for producing some pretty darn good engineers. It is a semi-big school which has an enrollment of about 15,000, ( I think). So, to encourage new little minds....students and coaches from the athletic teams visit local elementary schools. Since the town is so small, all the kids hear about is TTU. So when someone comes to visit from the 'big college' is a REALLY BIG DEAL!!

Last week the basketball coach and a couple of members of the team visited my son's 3rd grade class. The players stood out, to say the least. Not only because they were both over 6'4" tall but they were also African-American. For those of you who do not know about this town, this ethnicity is small here. I think the last census taken was <2% in a county who's population is around 60,000. Most of the kids found this daunting, but not Michael. He does see color (I hate when people say they don't see color of skin, that is such a retarded thing to say. Are you color blind and we don't know about it? How about saying color does not affect how you treat people! But that is a different blog at a different time.) but he does not think any different about anybody. After they students and the coach gave their spill, they asked if anyone had questions.
Michael was the first and only one to raise his hand.

Michael: What is college like?
Student: It is fun but you still have to study hard.

Awkward pause waiting for more questions...........Michael raises his hand again.

Michael: During lunch, if you want to eat outside, does your mom have to be with you?

At this point the entire room began to laugh but not in a make fun of way. It was the cutest thing to hear and you would appreciate it more if you had been there. (As with most things) His teacher, whom I adore, told Michael..."I know it is hard to believe right now but your mom will not always be right with you all the time!"

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